USA 1993
CAST: Bruce Willis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Farina, Tom Sizemore, Robert Pastorelli
ONE WORD: Bruce Willis does his thing.

The nice thing about a Bruce Willis film, is that you can always have a chance of meeting someone in the theatre, even at a matinee. On a Friday afternoon, the place was full, last week. But you will have fun with the action adventure, and the character which Bruce Willis plays, the type of tough guy that has an edge of being a jerk, which is excused because he is an alright guy, and is on a 'good' mission. And that makes for ... a good bucket of popcorn!

He used to be a detective, and has been demoted to simply being an officer to the Pittsburgh naval police that keeps an eye out on all the shores of the river. And when he is on top of his game, his partners have to be ever ready to play, or they will take a swim. His new partner, a woman (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a bit smarter than he is, and actually predicts his trickery many times, which gets a giggle out of him, but also causes him to become a bit more attached to her.

There are some odd circumstances about the several murders taking place in various areas of Pittsburgh, and they all seem to be connected to this detective. At least two girls had been girlfriends of his in his younger days. And towards the end of the film, even his new partner appears to be a new victim, which gets you thinking that the whole thing is an inside job to frame him and dump him into the can for good, because he has made too many enemies.

But alas, our hero does not fail, and gets a break. And all is resolved well.

The music in the film is a reminder of the Hammer Film days... too loud and obnoxious when it needs not be, and too smootchy, when it's got to be. Geeee, what happened to the film..... oh wait ... I'm not sure there is one ... but the popcorn had enough salt and butter to last the film!



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