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For a brief introduction to some Directors, check the Director's Page that I am working on. Do remember that these views are strictly personal and not seen, or thought of, or discussed out of anything else but what I have seen and felt. I'm sure that someone could say something else, but my hope is that you get a good feel for the artist and then decide if you want to see it or not.

Sadly I do not have the good enough eye sight to get on the street at night and go see a lot more movies and I have to wait (and many times hope) for something to show up on video ... well you can rest assured that the majority of stuff that shows up in a Film Festival will NEVER be on video for you to see ... thus I always recommend that you catch all the odd stuff in a Film Festival ... all the American and English stuff is going to be released and seen just about every where ... but that film from Somalia or Mozambique, you will never ever catch again or hear about.

There is a beauty in seeing a lot of those smaller films. Even though many of them have really poor materials to work with, they still put on a really good show, and if anything, you get to meet a completely different culture and get to see/hear many other things that you and I otherwise would not see at all. It is as close to you making a new friend as it can get sometimes.

Sadly, American audiences are too conditioned to popular film to the point where seeing a lot of these smaller films is not something that is readily appreciated, to the point that one mate I sit next to at work proudly and bull'is'ly (is there such a word?) that if he was interested he would check it out on his own. But when it comes to Dexter, he's all over it! Somehow, my inner mind thinks that is a very small world ... that is limiting its experiences and vision.

I divided these up by area (more or less) so it may be easier to locate an area that appeals to you easier and faster. And I'll have to figure out how to list the films better at the top. And remember that there is no such thing as one country has better films than another.

Advertising neutralizes a lot of films. And also takes it away from the attention that a smaller film should, or could get. Yes, all in all, the studio wants to make sure that they get their investment back, and this is not difficult in America, when the same studio, TV network, and radio are all tied together into conglomerates, which can Spam the advertisement and make you think that a film is good ... and they are not spending as much on it as they would otherwise when they did not own the company. Remember that!

Both Cable TV and Dish companies, are not very good at any of the arts and this includes, specially, film and its history. The thought of a film channel that showed Truffaut, Fellini, Godard, Bergman, Renoir ... must scare a lot of people ... you would think that this is all subversive and incendiary stuff, or all rated in such a way that you have to keep it away from the children. And it is weird ... when you can see 3 Godard films and realize how much of it was taken by Quentin Tarantino and brought to Pulp Fiction ... and actually see how well he handled the material ... right down to the dialogue! ... well, to be fair, Tarantino is not capable of having the fun with the camera that Godard does, which sometimes has a "mind of its own" and is not filming the actual story, but looking somewhere else ...exactly like we do with our eyes and minds, and a fabulous comment on film, and how it tries to help you "know" what is important. 

My recommendation is that seeing films from many other countries is ... a treat ... and you will rarely regret not having seen these films. As time goes by these are windows into a world that we really have no idea it exists ... and that there are a lot of different people in this world ... and they are not a mirrored reflection of our selves or the place we live in.


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