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Film Listing:

A Nous Amours
A Self Made Hero (Un Hero Tres Discrete)
Alberto Express
Apres Lamour (Love after Love)
Belle du Jour
Bitter Moon (Lunes de Fiel)
Bon Voyage
Camille Claudel
Cyranno de Bergerac
Damage (Fatale)
Dreamlife of Angels
Enter The Void
Forever Mozart
French Twist (Gazon Maudit)
Godard's King Lear
Hail Mary
I Stand Alone (Seul Contre Nous)
Jean de Florette
Jet Lag
La Bande des Quatre (Gang of Four)
La Belle Noiseuse
La Grande Bouffe (The Great Buffet)
Le Fantome de la Liberte
Les Visiteurs (The Visitors)
Madame Bovary
Manon of the Spring
Overseas (Outremer)
Pierrot Le Fou
Queen Margot (La Reine Margot)
Tattie Danielle
The Accompanist
The Children of Chabannes
The City of Lost Children
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
The Elegant Criminal (Lacenaire)
The Fifth Element
The Freelancers (Les Cachetonneurs)
The Hairdresser's Husband
The Horseman on the Roof
The Lover
The Music Teacher
The Tightrope
Tous Les Matins du Monde (All the Mornings of the World)
Up Down Fragile (Haut Bas Fragile)
Window to Paris



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