CAST: David Bowie, Rosanna Arquette, Eszter Balint, Buck Henry, Andre Gregory, Vivea Lindfors, Marlee Matlin.
ONE WORD: Oh wellllll, let me see what I can find....

Every once in a while one does get attracted to a film, wondering what it is about, and hoping that one has a fun evening. Once in a while we get lucky. Some films are odd, and sneak up on you. Some just fall asleep. The Linguini Incident falls asleep, and it may be because the director just didn't wake up to polish up the actors, or the cinematography is just horrible.... either way it is as close to a forget it film as I have seen in quite sometime.

It is a story about a girl (Rosanna) who is fascinated with Harry Houdini and his escape rituals. And she is practicing hers and hopes to make it in a show somewhere, but she feels she is missing something, be it self confidence, or she just can't do it. In appears a new bartender ( David Bowie ) who is famous for picking up all the girls, and he has his eyes on a bet or two, as well as a small plot to make off with a few dollars ( so we think ) here and there, some of which may just help publicize the nightclub diner they work for.

If the film had decided to take things seriously, it may have worked, but the film is full of bits and pieces that were conned out of the Saturday night live mold, and as such it does get boring. And many of the actors don't seem to know how to balance the funny with the weird, or the serious.

The leads are not bad, though Rosanna's acting would, and should in this case be seriously questioned. David Bowie, not a stranger to acting is much smoother and into it, than the rest of the cast that seems to be taking things in whatever way they feel.

If you are bored, this film might tick your curiosity.



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