DIRECTOR: Phil Joanou
USA 1992
CAST: Kim Basinger, Richard Gere, Uma Thurman
MUSIC: George Fenton
ONE WORD: Oh well,... the women are nice.

A slick story which begins to make sense near the end of the film, actually is a good film to watch. Unfortunately, both attractive actresses play roles which turn out to be unsavory characters with psychological disorders.

Kim Basinger and younger sister Uma Thurman are involved with an attractive, and young psychologist, whom they have been setting up for over a year, by watching his moves, his court appearances, and following up on him every chance they have, until they finally get involved with him. The older sister manipulates the younger sister, both orphaned, and cared for by the older sister since the events which changed their life from an abusive father who had raped both daughters.

This is a slick film. Nothing is really clear until 75% of the film is gone by, and by then we wonder if it is too late for the psychologist to get out of the whole thing. He has been set up by the older sister as the actual killer of her husband. And he had been trying to get her out of jail on an innocent rap based on her pathological problem.

The title of the film is a reference to the psychologists need to make the final analyses on the woman who is out to get him.....but she is too clever, and gets out by slipping out of jail.

This is a well directed film in that it very well hides the action, and does not allow us to find out what is going on very easily. There are throw away line hints, like the stair man teasing him about the blonde who watches him, and so on, which only comes clear later. And these clever bits actually catch us by surprise because it is customary to find normal characters saying normal teasing lines. In this case they are deadly.
This is a nice film.

Not enough GIBLOONS


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