USA 1994
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Tommy Pierce-Roberts
MUSIC: Ennio Morricone
CAST: Michael Douglas, Demi Moore, Donald Sutherland, Caroline Goodall, Dylan Baker, Dennis Miller
WRITTEN BY: Michael Crichton
ONE WORD: Cinematography is the best attribute here.

DISCLOSURE, like Fatal Attraction, is a nice film that arouses much anger inside you, but then, there is no way that you can vent it out at all. And situations and films like that are not fun ... but an evening of entertainment?

In the work place, these things still occur, and the power trips are endless and take on many traits.... like my boss once telling me to hire a waitress so he could be in her bed the following week. I like these things, and this one is well thought out, but I can never get over the fact, that this film is not capable of just keeping the stuff between the two employees. It implicates management, which is the easy way out.

In a competitive world, there are some things that attract better than others. A good looking woman with obvious physical attributes seems to be a good target, and a clever way to get the eyes of another company, with whom they are hoping to get a merger done. At stake is a new role playing game, that has been in development, but lately has been having some problems with some hardware, that is not doing what it is supposed to do. And the failure of the hardware is helping the hero in this story to not only lose his job, but also to break apart a merger that seems to be essential to the main owner and manager.

And unfortunately for him, the woman that is being used to take his place, happens to be someone he had been involved with many years prior to the present day events. One evening, she decides that she wants some more of the fun they used to have, but he does not give in. By a serious freak accident, the whole thing gets taped into an answering machine, and this helps lead the parade into the frenetic ending.

Demi Moore plays the femme fatale, that has more in her mind than just success. She may have failed in her seduction of an old friend, but she is succeeding in getting rid of him, mainly because she is a woman, and no one is going to believe his side of the story. He perseveres, and ultimately, the whole thing comes crashing down on her. And in the last minute we see her, she states that he should take a good look at his job, for she is also a victim of his higher ups, who saw the opportunity, and decided to make a move,
rather than inspect it properly.

The film is not great, but by maintaining a very high profile in the sexual side of things, it manages to keep us interested in figuring out what is happening. It takes a while, and things don't develop as fast as one would hope, but they fall into place rather nicely, and the reverse situation is finally brought out. At this point, the woman is beginning to lose control. And when her schemes are finally brought to light, she is finally undone. In this case, the raper ends up raped. Without a job, and disgraced. But she promises revenge, and a return.

Well, Michael Douglas will always be Michael Douglas ( ie... looking down and to the side denotes thinking all the time ), and Demi Moore is very good. She is not shy about her role in the film and allows just enough to be used to spice up the film into a rather erotic thriller. Unfortunately, it is for the wrong end on a bad situation, and ends up portraying her as a gold-digger.

Nice story. Rather frustrating "work" situation, which adds to the suspense in the film.



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