USA 1992
CAST:    Whitney Houston, Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is good. The film is good. Whitney Houston is good. The pretense of the egomaniac place they are a part of, is a bit silly, and probably badly written. It's amazing what a good producer can do with excellent people, except a good script.

This film is a vehicle to take Whitney Houston into film, much like Diana Ross did, and as such, it may rate a bit better than the previous effort, although I think she would be better off playing a bum, than playing something which she is so familiar with, a superstar, with an over eager manager, and a bunch of clever idiots and maniacs around her.

It's the story about one star, whose sister has made a deal with a private agent to get rid of her famous sister, since she ended up getting the rewards which the older sister would have had, were it not for the better singer, and younger sister. And the man hired to kill her, is as good a pro, as the man who is being hired to protect fact they worked together protecting the same president.

Kevin Costner is the only reason to see this film, as he plays it seriously and makes sure that no one gets a laugh for a long time, while also making everyone around him, take the script seriously. In the end, the killer almost gets there, but the trusty bodyguard comes through and saves the day, after having to spend one third of the film fighting the circle of friends and idiots around the singer.

It's a nice film to see. It's technically very well done. I think the directing leaves a lot to be desired. The blacks are 'cool' and the whites are too serious. Why can't they just be people............................. is my comment on this whole thing. Sometimes I wish that film would treat people as people instead of color.



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