CINEMATOGRAPHY: Michael Ballhaus
MUSIC: Jerry Goldsmith and Joel McNeely
CAST: Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, Paul Guilfoyle, Wendy Crewson, William H. Macy, Dean Stockwell.
SUPER FEATURES: If you like steroids and speed, this is IT.

AIR FORCE ONE, is a terribly fun movie to sit through if you like speed, non stop action, and little characterization, or idiotic sub-plots. Or perhaps you are one of those that believes the hype on the advertising and gets caught up in it, and goes to see it because everyone else does so as well.

The premise is simple. The American President's Air Force One, is hijacked, by terrorists, who disguise themselves as a Russian news crew. And one security member of the president's force has helped these people get in the plane.

The terrorists waste no time getting after the plane. Their target is the president, however, who turns out to be a bit more of a chore than they expect, and the hero that he is built up to be. But the ruthless terrorists are doing away with a member every so often until they get the demands they have taken care of. And here the stupid sub plot arises... the president's cabinet wants to take the power of decision away from the vice president, a woman.... ggeeezzzus hhhh charist... how original, and un-necessary this is. It only makes the film come off as pretentious and totally out of line.. what president would hire a cabinet, and have their own people turn against him. In America this does not happen. And of course, when the film is over, none of these power hungry crazies get dismissed, for their action... they should have been. There's loyalty for you... but the audience didn't come to see the movie for the cabinet's stupid and traitorous decision. It came to see Harrison Ford play the president, and out smart his enemies.

So the film goes through the obligatory special effects, an exploding tanker, fueling the Air Force One, manages to add some serious moments to the story, as does a group of jet fighters, who follow one of the president's suggestions in shaking up the plane, in the hope of them getting the upper hand on the terrorists. So much for the story. The whole film is nothing but technical special effects at the speed of light for what is a rather empty film, unless one is really worried , or paranoid that the cold war is still on, and the enemy is a small country that means nothing to anyone.

But the premise is entertainment at your expense, and for this, the film certainly does not lack, or fail to provide. The seriously brutal leader of the hijacking, makes sure we have his attention, and it is hard to notice it... although the film does seem to end a little faster than the rest of the story... but by that time haven't you seen enough?



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