COUNTRY:          USA 1994
CAST:                  Jack Nicholson Willie), Michelle Pfeiffer (Laura), James Spader (Stuart), Kate Nelligan (Charlotte), Richard Jenkins, Christopher Plummer
SUPER FEATURES: Well written story.

Mike Nichols is not known as a first rate director for nothing. WOLF may not be the best written story, but it holds up very well in a new way
that most werewolf films never do. Instead of the story turning into a bloody mess, it develops and keeps us wondering where it is all going
to go.

And the subtleties abound in this film, developing a sumptuous affair into a level that would drive the likes of a Freud nuts.

The story centers around Charlie who is bit a a wolf one night, quite by accident, and how his condition worsens as he becomes affected
by the event. His life is getting boring and his ability to cope with things is getting worst.

But he meets a woman that he is starting to like, and the psychological affair begins. Competing with a fellow news writer, who also has
designs on the same woman, they finally confront each other in the end of the film. And be it the well written story, or the well designed acting throughout the film, it turns into a rather sad, but positive ending.

The new lovers enter into another state and their story is just now beginning.

With excellent music and very well defined cinematography, it is very difficult to dislike this film, specially around Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer, who are both excellent, without having to steam up the screen.

A modern love story, with symptoms that a relationship always has a carnal, or animalistic, period (a favorite theme of the director) this is a vary pleasing film.





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