COUNTRY:         USA 1994
MUSIC:                BRAD FIEDEL
CAST:                  Arnold Schwarzeneger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, Bill Paxton, Tia Carrere, Art Malik, Eliza Dushku, Grant Heslov, Charlton Heston.
SUPER FEATURES: The cinematography and the fun stuff.

Not all of Arnie's films are worth seeing. But at least you know that if James Cameron is at the helm, you are going to get something that
is tight, and well done. There still is a lot of the over blown excitement, and action, but there is also another edge to the material. At least it is very well made, and the cinematography and cutting is magnificent. Even when the actors are a bore, and you relegate yourself ( the men ) to watching the women, the film, still handles itself with class, and style.

It is the story of an agent, who always works undercover, and even his wife has no idea of what he does. And this time, the assignment is a bit bigger than is at first suspected. The people he is after turn out to be revolutionaries with middle eastern ties, and they are on a terrorist campaign. The question is if Arnie can get to them before they get to do their monstrous deeds. And that's when the fun really starts. He gets distracted some by his wife who appears to be having an affair, something which does not sit too well with this agent. And in trying to get the truth out of her, he finds his enemy at his doorstep, after his wife, to try and get to him.

Well, this is when the film gets to be fun. It starts moving fast, and it is the wife that carries the film. She is funny in her own way, and despite appearing clumsy, she manages to help along the way.

Oh, can't forget the stunts. They are quite fun, and a bit on the crazy side, but the photography is so good, that it makes the film fun to watch. The angles are outstanding, and it makes for an exciting run to the finish.

Also present, not too bad, is Tom Arnold as the main main behind the agent, the one who keeps the truck rolling, and provides all the communications needed. He also works, part time, as a counselor and friend. Adds a little to the film. He is composed, and well directed, and shows some strength as an actor.

Not a far out film, like many others that James Cameron has done, but an entertaining one to see. There are a lot of funny bits, that will make you laugh. This is not quite a comedy, but, then, it isn't a serious thing either, although the situation is more than deadly. At least for this agent, it is fun being a part of the game, and get a few tangos in, now and then.





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