COUNTRY:             USA 1987
MUSIC:                    JOHN WILLIAMS
WRITTEN BY:         John Updike
CAST:                      Cher  Alex), Jack Nicholson (Darryl), Michelle Pfeiffer  (Susie), Susan Sarandon (Jane), Veronica Cartright (Felicia)
SUPER FEATURES: Funny, and weird, film. Eccentric is more like it.

Maybe it is John Updike that makes this film fun to watch. And then, maybe it is that a few of the actors take this thing seriously enough
that it makes a bit more interesting to find out what is going on, and what is going to happen. Or, just maybe, it is Jack Nicholson, who
is so much fun to watch, and is so unpredictable, specially in a role like this. Either way, this is a film that is fun to watch, and very enjoyable, complete with eccentric behavior and some weirdness. Well, it does have a few bits that are not quite tasteful, but then almost any book and film that likes to touch on the devilish side of us, will always do so in very untactful ways.

This is the premise of three women in a small town that end up friends. Their spare time is boring, and one night they decide to put their
heads together, and dream up some excitement. Well, without going to details, they come up with something. But they don't know what,
or whom.

In appears a stranger who buys the old castle that nobody likes. He is rich, showy, and has not a care in the world. And he promptly meets the women one at a time. And before we know it, they are all pregnant. And pretty soon, the women are getting tired of his behavior, and they have to get together once again, and undo what they did.... but they can not get rid of the new born kiddies.

For a film that wants to be a comedy, this comes off as a fun tale for Halloween. As a serious brouhaha story, this actually speaks more than words, and suggestions. We assume that the writers know what they did, because things in this film are not wasted, and the moments are
pretty well defined. But we are given the clue as to how things work, through the power of suggestion, which gets the witch'y treatment
here in this film. I f ya don't like someone, you make her get sick, and do bad things. And Veronica Cartright gets it full blast, until her tired husband mercifully kills her. But the real problem is not over. Alex, Jane and Susie still have to get their thing resolved.

A very entertaining film, that has some very nice trickery to help entertain you as you go along, and some very nice sexy jokes all along the way. All three women are very good, and serious about what they are doing, a treat as their acting is strong, and they do not slow down at all. And Jack, is always Jack, and an excellent treat to watch.

Worth while film, but make sure that it is a party and everyone is having fun.... the film will be more fun, then.




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