DIRECTOR:             Michael Cacoyannis
COUNTRY:             Greece 1964
SCREENPLAY:       Michael Cacoyannis
CAST:                     Anthony Quinn, Alan Bates, Irene Pappas
SUPER FEATURES: Music. The Actors put on a clinic.

When this film first appeared, it was an immediate success. And the reasons why were because of the cast, specially the incredible Anthony Quinn, who stole the Oscar, unprecedented at the time for a foreign film. And it also had an infectious soundtrack which kept us excited and gave us a look at a country, that all of a sudden became a tourists
delight, not that it wasn't before.

A writer, is downcast, and has made his way to Greece. And there he meets a few of its people, and gets involved in their daily affairs. And he meets Zorba. Zorba, is a ladies' man, or so he wants us to believe who cares for one woman, but is buried in too much drink to be able to be honest with his feelings. But he does live to the fullest, and
teaches others to do so, which is the reason why the woman who loves him will not let him go.

And in the end, the writer learns to appreciate the good things in life a little, and even learns to dance with this infectious character.

This film has aged a little since its release, but it still stands out as a very nice film to see, and enjoy, if not for the three excellent leads.

It is well directed, with timely music ( not Hollywood musical style ) and moves along very firmly.

Based on the novel of Nikkos Katzanzakis, who also helped put it together for the film, it is a victory for the literary world, in that a novel translated so well into a film, which is rare. But the novel, like the film, is actually an expose of a lifestyle, compared to another, and as such it survives very well on the screen.









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