CAST: Mel Gibson, Bruce Spense
WRITTEN BY: George Miller, Terry Hayes and Brian Hannant
SUPER FEATURES: Full throttle to the end.

Violence is something I do not take lightly in any film. Generally I despise much of it, as it tends to be gratuitous, and not meaningful, or necessarily justified.

THE ROAD WARRIOR, is a film that redefines the role of violence, at least within the confines of its society. It is all that is left to live for, in their world. The question is, if it is going to resolve things in a positive manner, that is justifiable. And this film, not only delivers, it just blows away the competition to smithereens, just as it does its own story and film.

This is the follow up to the film, MAD MAX, which had been the story that defined the contents of this one. In that first film, a group of outlaws, in the outback of the future in Australia, has just about become the law of the jungle. And for fuel, they do just about anything, including, wasting it. And one day, they get their due, and finally get repaid for all the madness they have created and distorted along the way. The only problem, is that, there is only one way for this to happen. These crazies, have to be done away with, for the beast in them, just is not able to live, in a confine where this behavior is not the standard of living. Presumably, in a futuristic world, there will be a spot for some decency, and care, for something more than mere talk, and cheap thrills. In many ways, this is what this film is about.

But it is the way this story is told, and with its cast of oddball characters that this film makes a stunning appearance, and still lives up to its billing, some fifteen years later. It may not be the best film ever made, but it certainly is one of the best written, and designed films ever done. Its concept, from its subtleties, to its more poignant mundane elements, or materialistic society, is unbelievable, and so well defined, and written, that is is indeed a credit to its creators that it was done at all. Whose vision is this anyway?

In this episode, the number two of the series of three, the Road Warrior helped a group of people escape from a band of outlaws, whose only living has become war on those who do not give them all the fuel they desire, for their own folly. With this in mind, they attack endlessly, anyone that appears within their sight, and the fate of these people is indeed sad, and not for the meek. And the story is set up that one day, these people will get theirs. The question is how, and when.

And eventually, through a series of good moves, and well designed plots, the Road Warrior, comes to this group of people, with his only hope of not only getting fuel for his automobile, but possibly continue on his walkabout, which he has been on since his wife and child were killed in the first film. But this time, to get it, he has to play a role in helping these people save themselves from the ruthless enemy.

And in the end, much to the surprise of the Road Warrior, justice is served, although he is now left alone, and does not have his car available to him. WE hope he has resolved this part, or he is just another survivor in a war of attrition, in a world where, it doesn't really matter who survives....... except that it does, which is what has created this film in the first place.

With some outstanding performances, specially Bruce Spense as the gyroscope pilot, and a group of outcast looking characters that is so hard to define, but make for a film that stands out, as truly amazing. Not only is it well written, it is well defined and so well filmed that it is absolutely scary, and unbelievable. The stunning scenes, and stunts involving cars, are just incredible and out of everyone's worst nightmares. And yet, it is the poetic outlook of this same point that creates this amazing film.

A true work of art, even if poignant, and so strange. Fabulous music. A film that never quits.




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