COUNTRY:                      ITALY 1992
CAST:                               Diego Abatantuono, Claudio Bagagli, Giuseppe Cederna, Claudio Bisio, Luigi Alberti, Ugo Conti, Memo Dini, Irene Grazioni, Vanna Barba.
SUPER FEATURES:         Really nice story. Slow but nice (it fits together)

While there were many people that were involved in World War II, many dies, many also survived by a stroke of luck, the type of luck that
they did not imagine until much later in life, or even right after the end of the war.

A battle ship is set to go to a Greek Island, on a mission to either help others, or search for enemy outposts. When they get there, it appears that the island is empty. They go in, and set up camp. And the story begins. Their boat is destroyed, and it isn't clear what really did it, though their is a suggestion (not caught on the subtitles) that it was a German (?) boat that did in this one. And in their emotional upheaval state, they get scared during the night, and also damage their radio. And now they are all alone, with little communication with the outside world, and can't figure out what to do.

As time passes by the town populace begins to appear. First appear the elderly, and soon a Greek Orthodox priest. And all of a sudden they are the town. And after the elderly begin appearing children and soon the women. One is a prostitute, that immediately sets up shop with all the soldiers. As time goes by, they all have tried her except one. And when he does, he wants to marry her, and take out a bit of the fun that the others had. But it didn't seem to matter to much. By this time, they have mellowed out some, and are no longer neurotic about the romantic side of battling the enemy.

The war ends, time goes by, no one notices it. One day an English boat appears and takes back to Italy who ever wishes to leave. The married one hides and does not leave.

The film jumps ahead, and the other old ones return to the island. The captain had wanted to go and change Italy for the better. He comes back disgusted saying that Italy was not interested in getting better, or changing.

While it isn't a great film, it is nice to see the characters change from the young guns to the older, nicer men that they become. And their view of the island and the world has changed. No longer do they have a view which is distorted by the idealism of youth.

Well directed film, that plods along nicely, with some funny moments.





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