COUNTRY:                     FRANCE 1991
MUSIC BY:                     Gabriel Yared
CAST:                              Tsilla Chelton, Catherine Jacob, Isabelle Nanty
SUPER FEATURES:       Ever hate your old, feisty auntie...?

Every once in a while there is a film that just plods along, and finally you realize you like it.

This film, starts, and moves, as the grandmother you just hate. No matter, since she already hates you anyway.

Tattie D. lives in a small apartment in a small town and is bored senseless with her maid, and the constant family visits of the terribly boring people who are always nice to her, which she disdains. The maid after much teasing, finally gets to clean the dusty chandelier, and of course, falls and dies ( or Tattie kicked the stepladder ) and now the old lady finally gets her wish in going to Paris. But she has to stay with her son, whom she likes, but can't stand all the same. As usual she gets to witness everything in the house ( animals, she calls them ) and turn about every good cause into a hellish nightmare for everyone. The son has a vacation planned and has to figure out a way to get someone to take care of the old lady. His sister is chosen. But the old lady can't stand her because she is a real dud ( gets pregnant and the guy walks ) and of course the real story begins. A maid is hired. A young girl with a temper, but an ability to stand up for herself, and not put up with the old lady's guff. Getting a taste of her own medicine finally gets through and the old lady becomes a bit more likeable. The girl meets an English boy, they don't speak each other's language, and the old lady happens to be able to translate. The boy is leaving, and the girl panics. The girl wants to spend a few days with him at the beach. The old lady says no. The girl speaks her mind and goes. The old lady destroys the house, and tries to kill herself. She gets taken to an old folks home where she resumes her activities of nasty old lady with a penchant for a good pastry. One day she disappears. And the next scene, she is in the Alps with the young girl, the only friend she has been able to make, and share time with.

The film has a lot of funny gags with many people, and situations, and the old lady's feet are lethal.







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