Directed by Nicolas Roeg


Some films are very difficult to review, and the only thing that you can concentrate on is story, and hopefully it comes together and makes some sense. And then, there are films that defy the senses in more than one way and it is your hope and mine that we can find something to be able to discuss the film with after its over, although I have to tell you that while there were things that were amazingly outstanding in this film, the whole ending sequence was sad, and blew the whole thing apart and you leave the film with a sour stomach and wondering if this was really necessary, or justified.

It was a really hard feeling for someone that I had come to admire, and still do, for his exciting filming abilities, a lot of which went on to be copied and seen later within the context of things like MTV. This guy, used music in his films like no one else has since, and the context of each song is correct, and proper for the moment, rather than just a teasing moment, or some show off piece of this or that. One only has to catch how The Who's song "Who Are You?" is used in one other film to realize that this is no freak accident, and the use of this music is special or it would not be here. One wishes the rock music world enjoyed and appreciated its music this much! And this was also visible in "Performance" and other films by this director.

Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland are the





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