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This site is under perpetual development as the amount of work to bring here is huge, and my time to get this done is a bit buried in the middle of the day and my daily job. Thus, I am a bit slow getting these up to date, but it's coming along.

Hopefully, in the future I can get the Ygdrasil Journal of Poetic Arts, Audio Issue, done a few years back, if I get lucky and get the proper permissions again.

Finally am able to get some more Film Reviews added from the past years, while my eye sight is still in one piece, although it has curtailed my ability to go to see a film at night. Thus, I have to depend on these showing up on DVD or on the Internet, where the appearance of Foreign Film has significantly improved in the past 5 years, and hopefully will continue to be so. The sad part? ... no one will ever know what the hoopla is about in so many films that no one will see ... and even telling my friends to see "VISIONS OF LIGHT" is like speaking a foreign language they do not understand. This is the life of most Foreign Film Festivals, a great many of these films, having been shown at the Portland International Film Festival. Maybe one day, they will say thank you and give me a ticket for one film, hey?

Thanks so much for saying hello, and if you have any questions and comments, drop me a line or two ... it's always nice to meet new friends. Specially if they are into film, and its art, not just an "action" film.

Have fun and say hello if you have the time.




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