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Welcome to my website and hopefully you are having a great day!

This site is under perpetual development as the amount of work to add and maintain is huge, as new music and new films make the rounds, on DVD and the likes. I am a bit slow getting these done, but things are coming along.

Along with my film and music reviews, for the foreseeable future, it is my hope that I can put together a 2nd issue of the Ygdrasil Journal of Poetic Arts, Audio Issue. I was able to do one a few years back, when we were lucky enough to have a server that we could use for folks to listen to it, but these days, it is less of an issue and the size of files are considerably smaller, and thus it makes things a bit easier to listen to. Poetry is, usually best when it is heard, instead of you and I trying to live with it in our heads, and hope that our vision matches the words, and you and I know, that sometimes it doesn't ... and we wonder ... what's so great about that poem?  Hearing it, specially by its originator, is usually an interesting proposition, but that's almost like saying that Jimi Hendrix's rendition of the words of "All Along the Watchtower" are not as good as Bob Dylan's original, when Jimi's version was much more interesting and gave more color to the words with the music, that was not there before.

More Film Reviews have been added from the past years, as I am able to get them put together, from old backups and such. In many cases, I have to depend on DVD's, however, this is less of a problem today, than it was years ago, when it was not on video and seeing foreign films was an idea, not a reality, or possibility. Same with music, and the Internet has become the great equalizer in that area.

The sad part? ... very few folks will ever know what the hoopla is about in so many other films, or music ... and even telling my friends to see "VISIONS OF LIGHT" is like speaking a foreign language we can not understand. I usually say, just close your eyes and feel it, specially in music, and the language will not intimidate you. The emotions and feelings still fly ... and then some!

Thanks so very much for saying hello, and if you have any questions and comments, drop me a line or two ... it's always nice to meet new friends.

Have fun and above all, enjoy these things as I have and am sharing with you.




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