COUNTRY:         USA 1993
CAST:                 Robert Duvall (Walt), Richard Harris (Frank), Shirley MacLaine (Helen), Piper Laurie (Georgia), Sandra Bullock (Elaine).
SUPER FEATURES: The three lead actors.

Not all the films are worthy of the group they use, in terms of acting. Most often, you get excellent actors in mediocre scripts, or we will find some excellent scripts with a sad compliment of actors.

And the third kind of films that ARE worth watching are the ones that it just seems like the actors create a script of their own, and the film takes on a wonder that is hard to leave alone.... you just got to watch and see what is going to happen. WRESTLING ERNEST HEMINGWAY, is the kind of film that you just don't care if anything happens. Just keeping up with Richard Harris and Robert Duvall, is worth the whole film... and who cares about the story.

Seriously, this is a wonderful film about two old codgers that meet and become friends. One is an introspective guy, that does not do much with his life, except think he does a few things here and there, and the other guy, well, he is an extrovert alright, and downright nuts and crazy. But no one denies that he is good company, and they all end up having some good fun.

And the lively (and dead) landlady, who tries to keep the extrovert down some, and never really gives in to his whim, and his desires for her. But, she, too, is in the same tired circle that these old folks are in. Like it or not, she needs their company, even if she denies it time and again.

There aren't many films that are worth while sitting through, where the watching experience is all chips and beer. This is more like, sit down, dig in, and get comfy. These actors are going to get you into their story, even without you knowing what hit you. There are no fancy gadgets here, no super fancy anything... just outrageously beautiful acting work taken to a level that is just a wonder. It just seemed like this kind of  material was dead... we don't get enough of it in an industry that is so excitement and speed oriented.

This is an excellent film, beautifully photographed, and worth sitting through. If you like the Arnies, and the Kevins, forget this film. If you love beautiful art work on display, this is it.



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