CAST: Shirley MacLaine, Marcello Mastroianni, Jessica Tandy, Marcia Gay Hayden, Kathy Bates
SUPER FEATURES: Mastroianni.

Some films are nice to stay with. I have gotten the film, to see how Shirley MacLaine would react to Marcello,
who has been known to be quiet a ladies' man for many years. Shirley MacLaine may have changed her ways ( not
likely ), but she does bring out the best in Marcello, and probably shows that he is as impeccable as an actor,
as he once was a man.

It is the story of a widow, and her family. And an italian old man she meets. He becomes enfatuated with her,
but as she gets to know him, she doesn't want to be a part of his asking at all, because she is jewish, and she
has her own ideas about nothing.

Jessica Tandy, playing a very funny old lady, cranky mother is even better in this film, and a treat to watch.

While this film is not one of those stories that is great enough to carry the film into nods for acting kudos, it
is an excellent showcase as to what a bunch of very good actors, all of them with different backgrounds, can do
when allowed to run a muck with a script. Marcello Mastroianni gives a bravura performance, that is hard to
forget. And Shirley MacLaine is Shirley MacLaine, though I tend to think that this film allowed her a llittle
less star quality, and forced her to do a bit better than she would normally do... see what happens when good
ones are next to you.?

Worth seeing, even though the director seems to just let the actors run the show. He knows that this is Acting
1001 (graduated class) and he is not about to tell those students what to do...just let them do it.



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