COUNTRY:             USA 1993
MUSIC:                    DAVID NEWMAN
CAST:                      Kathleen Turner, Dennis Quaid, Stanley Tucci, Fiona Shaw, Larry Miller, Tom Arnold
SUPER FEATURES: You would think Herbert Ross would be doing better things than this.

For Herbert Ross, in my view of things, this is a come down, though it is a heck of a lot of fun to watch, specially MUERTE  (Stanley Tucci).

A pair of semi retired CIA agents have gotten together and are playing out a slight charade of being married and nursing a baby. And this is
the disguise they have undertaken to get a big job done, right from under the local police's nose.

And the implications of the snub to the local authorities, does not get taken lightly. The local detective and his sidekick get tricked all over the place, but they manage to hang on for dear life, until they realize that there is a serious game to tackle, and that this is not your average joe on the street.

In between, there is a character who takes to the street that decides that he wants to have a little fun. On the wrong alley he meets the agent  (Dennis Quaid) who is out walking the baby -- that is getting a read on his adversaries, and ready to move in... and  begins getting his teeth taken out. Muerte always shows up, and at the wrong time, and gets yet another knock on his thick skull.

And Kathleen Turner is also an agent, a part of the team, and they both have to figure out how to get there and bust the people they are
supposed to bust.... and in the end, they do. And then they have to start telling their story, because a police detective now understands that
there was something else going on which they were not told....

Fun movie to sit through, though not the usual subtle type of comedy which one might see from Herbert Ross. This is a pair of actors openly having some fun.





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