COUNTRY:         USA 1994
CAST:                 KURT RUSSELL (Wyatt Earp), VAL KILMER (Doc H), Bill Paxton (Morgan), Sam Elliot (Virgi , Dana Delany  Josephine)
WRITTEN BY:     Kevin Jarre
SUPER FEATURES: Really well done film.

All in all, most westerns are the same, with the bad guys and the good guys.

On occasion, one appears, that is a bit beyond what most westerns seem to be about. That is, real people. TOMBSTONE, takes the characters of Wyatt Earpp and Doc Holiday, and manages to create an atmosphere that places these two top gunfighters above and beyond most of their peers, and show why they became such symbols for a long bygone era. And it takes a film that concentrates on the two characters as people, rather than famous gunslingers, to bring it out, as a story that makes sense, and explains the goings on in the western times of 100 years ago, when the law belonged in the hands of the many feudal-like lords that held the power.

And perhaps, this film is more of a story of Wyatt Earpp as a man that did not stand for corruption for very long, and made sure that the job was taken care of. And in this manner he helped make Tombstone a famous place.

Two things stand out in this magnificent film. either it is a first rate script, and the actors have a free hand in doing their best with well designed sequences, or the actors just took over this period piece, and made it come alive in a way that few people could do it. Either way, it helps create a very special film, that is beautifully photographed, and clearly defined in terms of characters.

The two outstanding performances here are without a doubt, both Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer, who casually, and with a smooth intensity,
just take over the film. And, unlike many westerns, this film does not succumb to showing women as prowling prostitutes, thus raising the class
and appeal of all its characters. It adds a bit of art, and good taste, along with the times' usual bad audiences.

The well known story of Wyatt Earpp starts with him arriving in Tombstone, and becoming one of its town people, and eventually a marshal. And it continues until he is done, with his job, to total completion.

Excellent film. Beautifully written and directed. It doesn't succumb to cheap theatrics to do its thing... it holds you anyway.





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