USA 1995
CAST: Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Northam, Dennis Miller, Diane Baker
ONE WORD: Can one person make a difference.?

The Net, is not a great film. But then, it is not a worthless film, either. But while it takes a little time to develop the gist of what it is trying to do, it does get into an ending that is a bit simplistic, and rather unsatisfying, although justice is served. And hanged in the middle is the fine acting job that Sandra Bullock displays, in a rather difficult show.

But the sad part of the whole thing is that it displays an Internet that is insidious, and does not have many redeeming factors at all. Which is sad. And, like all entertainment things, it has the stereotypical moments, that are film ready.... like a computer terminal ready and waiting, when it is crunch time, in a show of what the new software and hardware is all about. This, is not necessary, and it downgrades the ability of the film.

But it is an interesting story. A new software program, has been developed by someone, who has become well known enough to attract big name business to its list of clients. And the program has a slight glitch that allows some people access to any of its company's files, if one only knows what to do with it.

In comes an innocent victim, that bumps into this slight problem, via the modem. She has kept correspondence with various online people, only to find that this one, is not a date, but someone who has found out much more than he ought to, and he has done more damage than anyone should ever be able to.

But this victim's major problem, is not how to answer the whole thing, but how to go about beating a system that think it is infallible, and has a tendency not to listen to its victims, no matter how out of it they may sound, or appear. This woman has a legitimate story, that the "system" couldn't possibly every consider as valuable, or meaningful. And this is the real theme of the story. And we hope that in the end, the woman would be able to sue the pants off the public authorities, for their lack of decency and care, or attention, to what might have been a warning to them in the first place.

But since she can not get anyone to help, and work with her, she has to do it herself. And eventually she does. Like she is clever online, she can also be clever in other ways, and manages to get those pursuing her to fall victim to her own instincts and sleuthing abilities.

While this film is not great, it does display some nice bits, and what might really be another set of ideas, and story lines, circling the internet. It's too bad, that it has to generalize it to the point of ridiculousness, since (after all) none of us even come close to having that much online experience, or ability. It might have been more interesting to define this film more by knowledge and how to work with it, rather than have an immediate feudal lord, who takes the law into his own hands, try to kill an innocent bystander.

Suspenseful film to watch. It is good. Do not think that this is the internet at all. This is entertainment, in its pure form.



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