USA 1996
CAST: Hugh Grant, Julianne Moore, Tom Arnold, Joan Cusack, Robin Williams
ONE WORD: Robin Williams

It's hard to dislike this film. And though it is a bit boring and plain in most respects, when the emigrant doctor shows up, this film takes off and does not let up until the whole scene, and us, are totaly trashed.... it has its great moments.

But aside from that, this is not a funny film at all. It's actually a serious love story, one that has a few twists and turns, until it finally gets resolved.

It is, nothing great, the story of a couple that are living together, who find out that they have a child coming between them, and the fact that it affects the way they live and play. The eternal playboy does not wish to grow up and get rid of his Porsche. And the girl, now realizes that she has to grow up and fess up to her needs and responsibilities, which the film makes clear he is not capable of.

In between, he misses several appointments, which hurt the relationship, until it breaks. Only to come together because of a crazy doctor, whose English is driving everyone nuts.

Well, the question is, would this film still be funny if it weren't Robin Williams running a muck all over the place, when he appears. Whether it is his word play, or his characterizations, it always appears that he has the free hand in the situations, and has a chance to run away with them, which when the other actors are tuned, really can help a situation. In this case, the director made sure that the others were ready for the whole thing, and saw to it that all the others could add to it.

Though the acting, by everyone else is ok, other than Julianne Moore who seems to bring a certain amount of beauty to what she is doing, the rest, though funny in spots, falls short, with Tom Arnold being good, but pushy, Hugh Grant alright, though not very convincing at times.

But the film is a lot of fun to watch, and has its moments of total madness, that will have you laughing, which can not be said for too many other comedies. The only other thing left to find out, is what is going to happen the day that Robin Williams steps behind the camera.... if the other actors can stand up to his top class chatter, may then we will have the craziest film of all time.

Fun film. The doctor and hospital scenes are excellent.



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