USA 1992)
CAST: Daniel Day Lewis, Madeleine Stowe, Jodhi Way
ONE WORD: Nicely done film. Beautiful Music and great acting

Honestly, this is an excellent film.

And my favorite thing in it is the way the music is used throughout the film, helping create a scenario that already is extremelly well designed, into an absolutely gorgeous film, augmented by a pair of acting jobs which are short of superb, and unbelievable. Taken from the familiar novel, which most of us have read in school, this film is very well thought out, and carried.

The Canadian countryside is extremely beautiful, and the film spends much time making sure that we notice that which ended up being the real destruction of the lands into the twentieth century, by setting the Indian tribes against each other through a few tribesmen who didn't know any better. And that the French were a bit more clever than the up right English when it comes to dealing with them. The English way, if America was any indication was to eradicate them outright, whereas the French got smarter, and hired them to help get rid of the English.

The acting of Daniel Day Lewis, should undoubtedly give him his second Oscar, and place him in the history of film as one of the very few who could accomplish such a feat in roles which were so diverse.

Aside from the inherent brutality which this film displays, it does so rather tastefully I might add, there isn't very much one can say about this film that appears weak, or not well directed, and with actors that bring out the best in a countryside, if that can be done.

As in DANCES WITH WOLVES, the film has a downside to it. The Indian races, depicted in the film are on the decline because of their in fighting, and their cause is ( by this time ) pretty much lost. I just hope that in our neighbor in the north, the state of affairs with the local tribes is better than that in this country, where they are becoming social outcasts, and a sight for tourists only. Sad way to live and die.

EXCELLENT FILM and TRULY BEAUTIFUL, and walked away with several Oscars.



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