USA 1992
MUSIC: William Campbell Jr & Michael O'Donnell
CAST: Peter Phelps, Richard Lynch, James Hong, Nadia Cameron, Ted Markland, Rodney Word
ONE WORD: Interesting Time Tripping Film.

This MERLIN film is not a great one, but it does have a really nice premise behind it, and a few bits here and there that stand out.

The story of the film is a bit obscure, and is kinda brought forth by incarnations of the characters, now in California, who have met once again, to fight for a special artifact, that is magical, and a centerpiece of all Merlin magic. And apparently, the story has lived for quite sometime, in different places, and has now ended in this place. But the main person involved in it, the girl, doesn't know it yet.

By interplaying dreams, and moments with visional contents, the film ends up telling the story of the past, and how Mordred was able to steal the very important piece, which kept much of the Pendragon evil family alive. And the Pendragon reincarnations are always looking for the piece that they need. Only, they always find that their adversary, and as it turns out, the protector of the artifact, is also right around the corner.

The story is good enough, that it makes the film unpredictable, although we get the idea that the evil will lose eventually, and that is what the film is about. The question is, how long is the evil going to be able to last out, and do some damage.

With some rather interesting parts, specially James Hong, the film goes from one era to another, in a bit of a seamless story, with a few breaks in between. Here and there, the girl stops, and gets a quick shot of what happened before, so she could better understand what she is doing and what is going on. Her curse, is that she is not a witch, that has the desire to do something with this stuff. Pendragon's curse is that he has to get it at any cost, even human lives.

The artifact is lost in an old gold mine, but the entrance to it is not known, and only James Hong seems to have figured out how to see it. He uses much of his own inner seeing ability
to lead us onto the story.

A nice premise, in what is a very low budgeted film, that maximized its potential. Heck, even the story looks like it was what was left of an original idea. But it isn't that bad, and it works. It has a few moments, despite the weirdness surrounding the Pendragon played by Peter Phelps. I'm not sure that it needed to be this weird but it's always a good comment on how visuals can be problematic ... sometimes we see things harshly and incorrectly.
The film is not perfect ... but it has its moments and it is interesting to see someone tackle that story and blend it rather well to something else ... I'm not sure one needs to take it to the extent that they do ... but that's my preference.



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