USA 1993
CAST: Robert DeNiro (Wayne), Uma Thurman (Glory), Bill Murray (Frank) David Caruso (Mike)
ONE WORD: A few good moments.

Some films want to be liked, and then some want to be wasted. Believe it or not, the best thing in this film is DeNiro, which is not a surprise. But the worst thing in this film, is Bill Murray, trying to be serious and/or funny, or a combination of both. It's a good thing he doesn't pay to see his own films, because this one is pretty bad to watch just for him.

A guy with a career in show business as a bit of a comedian, has become a hood, and has slowly come around to control a section of town. And he does it by making deals, and then moving in. And everyone is indebted to him. A cop, actually saves his life by accident, and in the process makes a friend, so it seems. Frank ( Bill Murray ), as it turns out, is the hood, and he manipulates anything he can, but this time he ended up with a cop, and a tough one. Frank sends him a girl to stay with him for a week ( Uma Thurman ), as a present. But things turn different, and the two kinda get to like each other. And now they have to figure out how to deal with Frank.

And the stakes are not too much fun, for the cop, the woman, and of course our hood. They fight, didn't they used to be friends.????. And the girl stays of course. End of film.

Were it not for a nice hour and a half of watching DeNiro, who is pretty good ( is he ever bad.? ), I would say you can fall asleep on this one. Bill Murray is his most forgettable self. Uma Thurman, starts as interesting, but soon shows that she can't do much acting at all. Well, maybe undress some.

There are better things to watch.



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