CAST: Tom Cruise (Jack), Mia Sara (Lily), Peter O'Farrell (Pen), Tim Curry (The Beast), Annabelle Lyon (Lyon), Tina Martin (Nell), Kran Shah (Bonder), David Bennett (Blix)
ONE WORD: Visually stunning film. Great music.

Seeing this film several years after its release, is still, an enjoyable experience. It still has many touches that showed that Ridley Scott is a very good director ( Alien, Blade Runner ), one who appreciates the finer things in life, if not the hardest to get done.

LEGEND is a tale, more than anything, about Unicorns, and what they stand for. In a land, far gone, Jack and Lily are young and very much in love with each other. Jack, has found accidentally, a pair of unicorns, and takes his beloved to see them. And unbeknown to her, she is being followed by a few goblins that are doing their deeds for the Beast, who wishes to connect with her, and at the same time adhere to the forces of darkness.

And the goblins are brought to the unicorns and proceed to cut up one of their horns, and thus set forth a curse on the land. Jack and Lily set off trying to recover the unicorn, and to free the land of the evil force, although their deeds have less to do with the higher aspects, they are merely trying to fix that which they accidentally broke.

This leads them to the castle of the beast, who has trapped one of the unicorns, and plans on killing it. And Jack, has to figure out how to undo the beasts strength and power to get to his beloved.

The film is full of very nice touches that display a sensibility that is found in the Spielberg films. The kids do all they can to get the wrong turned to the right. And how they do it is with the help of a few fairies who have befriended Jack, who devise the plan to get the job done. They succeed, and return the horn to the unicorn's face, and in the process destroy the power of the evil beast, who had captured Lily and had tried to get her to marry him.

Perhaps the nicest things in this film are the sets, and the way that the music is used. It lurks, and catches you when you least expect it, and helps one feel the film. The same thing was also done in BLADE RUNNER, a film that also had exceptional sets and music. A very young Tom Cruise plays the lead. The beast, is played by Tim Curry, in a costume that is incredible, and well photographed.

The bits about the fairies are done with very nice touches, and they are shown as helpful entities to the human spirit, provided that they are communicated with.



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