USA 1993
CAST: Daniel Day Lewis, Michelle Pffeiffer, Wynona Ryder
ONE WORD: The direction and cinematography.

The proof that Martin Scorcese is a very good director, with a very good conceptual view of his script, is in the viewing of this film in a wide screen. There one can find such nice touches, usually left for the stage only in play with the characters. And there are a few times when the relationship between the main character and his wife is so far apart that they are placed on the opposite ends of the screen, as a symbol of their distance. It's hard, in this day and age of "action films" to actually do something like that, and get away with it. While in, of itself, it is not a new concept, it does take a very good eye for detail and direction to present a nice platform for actors to work in, and be able to communicate with each other throughout the performances.

The film is nice, and beautifully done, and like the novel though, it can be a bit boring at times, as we have to labor through the dialogue ... that at times tends to bring out my memories of watching Harold Pinter theater . Edith Warton, is a good writer, but she is the kind of writer that pulls the thinking out of the characters heads, and this is great for characterization on a stage, or even a book, but suffers in the medium of film, as it has to be narrated, or spoken, so the audience can understand what is going on. And sadly, audiences that are in sync with action films will not appreciate the literary value of one of these works.

You can start now ... films like this are a valuable, and veritable, direct link to that world and its huge history.

The story is that of a lady that returns to New York, after leaving her husband in Paris. The upper crust society looks down on her at the start but at least one of them is having a good time with the lady. She hires a lawyer, who basically becomes infatuated with her, but he can never go beyond a certain point, and make the affair work. He marries Mae (Wynona) and through out his life, he always makes an attempt to do something with the woman he really loves, but never can get going.

Several years later, when he is with his son in Paris, the son goes to visit the lady, who has waited for the father all this time. The father does not go with the son to meet her.

The story is an indication that many times we do not follow our hearts, and in those days we lived out we had to do, and not what we wanted to do.

The acting is magnificent, and Michelle Pffeiffer is even better than Daniel Day Lewis, as the star crossed lovers that can not get together.

Beautiful film to watch, as the lighting is magnificent, and the photography is simply gorgeous.



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