USA 1993
CAST: Bill Murray (Phil), Andie MacDowell (Rita), Chris Elliott (Larry), Stephen Tobolowsky, Brian Doyle-Murray, Marita Geraghty
ONE WORD: Nicely written weirdness and fun.

Bill Murray has a talent for putting together projects that get funnier because he is in it. Either the writers know how to fit him into it, or he just knows how to add to the scenes in the script, and make them work. Now, if we could get past his boredom in these things, he might look like a better actor instead of a cartoon character.

What is at first, a bit weird, turns out to be more entertaining, and makes for a funny film.

A TV reporter, Phil, goes on another yearly event, which he has been reporting for a few years. The great event of the Groundhog Day is in Punxsutawny (Penn) and has become a tradition, despite its commercialization. The bored reporter, tries to do his thing but he is not into it. Compounded is the fact that it appears that he is repeating the same thing every day... February 2nd seems to restart every morning while he is in this little town. And he has gotten bored with the same little routines everyday. At first it appears to be just a joke. After a while he gets sense of it, and he starts having fun with it, and of course, changing the events and the affairs that take place.

Part of his middle age crisis could just be the producer that comes with him, that he happens to like, but does not connect with. And he replays the events movie style, until he gets it right, and manages to get better acquainted with her. The minute he does, things change.

The film is clever, and there are times when you will get thrown off the story, and caught in it again... what.? ... but be patient, because the film clarifies things rather well. It even has a visit by the Blues Brothers house band. Now ... that is ok with me!

Like his earlier film about Scrooge, this one is fit to suit his abilities, and it comes off very nicely. Well worth your catching it, specially at home.



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