USA 1993
CAST: Matt Dillon, Joan Chen, Bruno Kirby, Teri Polo, Stan Egi, Tzi Ma
ONE WORD: Nice story

This is a film that pretty much touches on a theme that for a long time was considered taboo, specially in the Bay Area. Eastern peoples were a minority that was taken advantage of for a long time, specially since the world war. And to this effect, they had to set themselves up in the same style they had been existing in the east. It all came down to a feudal system for protection, of each other and the family. As long as some people feared them, they would be left alone.

The story of this film centers around an FBI agent who is investigating some events, and his conclusions lead him to an elder Chinese man, who is eventually incarcerated. And one day, he realizes that the law has grabed and forced the wrong man into despair and solitude. In his attempts to fix the situation, he ends up meeting a young lady, who helps him with some information. Unfortunately, she is the elder man's daughter. And this complicates things.

When the two resolve their differences, they seem to work things out, and there is a movie for you all.

Joan Chen is good, as the daughter with a bone to pick with a society that doesn't seem to care. Matt Dillon is better as the agent who is told to get someone, basically, as an example, rather than trying to solve the criminal situation. And this, leads him to quit the force, and then to make amends.

Not a bad film, if you want to take a nice look at San Francisco, but it lacks some spark, and vitality, although the Chinese actors are quite good. Even if they play roles that have to be submissive to a society that usually overpowers them.



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