USA 1994
WRITTEN BY: ROY HUGGINS, based on his creation.
CAST: Harrison Ford ( Richard Kimball ), Tommie Lee Jones ( Sam ), Sela Ward ( Helen ), Julianne Moore, Joe Pantoliano, Jeroen Krabbe, Andrew Katsulas
ONE WORD: If there is excitement and suspense, this is IT.

This is one of the few films that not only does better than the television series, it also, pays a tribute to its creators. Unlike many of the films being made today, based on past television events, the producers of this film had enough gumption, to use the originator of the television series, and help him create a story, and event, that is just enough to have you jumping out of your seat.

The story, is of the Dr. Richard Kimball, who was framed for the death of his wife. And everything was perfect, except that the wily Dr. Kimball does not quit easily, and tries in every way imaginable, to solve the riddles, and how the whole process came about to blame him.

And right from the start, when the bus taking the falsely accused Doctor to jail has a horrible accident, the stage is set for the events to take place.

The search for the missing Dr. Kimball takes a bad twist when there is friction between the Federal Marshals headed by Sam (Tommie Lee Jones in a terrific Oscar winning performance as Best Supporting Actor) and the Chicago Police does not make things any easier.

The Doctor, who is rather smart, knows the ins and outs of the hospital like he does his own hand, and he tries to gather as much information as possible, with the occasional help of a few of his past workers. The strong willed Federal Marshal sets out chasing the Doctor with a vengeance, and he gets close every time, but never succeeds in catching his big fish.

The doctor eventually finds how he was framed and he begins the process of chasing down the culprits. By that time, the federal marshal has gotten a whiff of what is happening and realizes that the Doctor is innocent for some reason. And all we have to find is the reason.

What a treat it is to find a film that is both exciting, and moving. The doctor makes it to meet his killer, and eventually succeeds. Beautifully filmed, you better not miss too many details when you watch this film, because every inch counts. And even though the doctor relives many of those moments, they only reveal an inch or so, the amount that the doctor needs to get his job done.

With the performances by Harrison Ford, and Tommie Lee Jones, in the exceptional level, kudos must be served for the director who was able to add to the performances he had at hand. Whether you catch this film on video, or a large screen, will not matter much. It is still excellent, and one of the best around.



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