USA 1995
CAST: Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline, Timothy Hutton, Jean Reno, Francois Cluzet
ONE WORD: Paris.

This film wants to be liked. The question is if it is going to be enjoyed for Meg Ryan, who has been excellent in her last few films, or for Kevin Kline, who has been extremely good in his own last efforts.

Unfortunately, this film does not measure up to the talents of the two actors, either due to a limp script, or an over zealous attempt at making something funny that just isn't. And it might have been more interesting, with lesser known actors who have something to prove, rather than established actors who seem to be paired together just out of curiosity.

The story is nebulous, to say the least, a well to do man, playing the high stakes game of being a thief.? And then snaring the American girl from the husband who has left her, and taken up with a no brainer French girl. All that is left is to see if the two characters will eventually get together and make something of their attraction for each other, or will they go in their own ways, to continue what has become a seemingly miserable life for some time.

Meg Ryan is good, not as funny as we would like to see her, or as intense as she has been ( When a Man Loves a Woman ), and the difference, with light material shows. She has the ability to take it into another level, as does Kevin Kline, but instead, a vacuous script, prevents them from developing, and taking their acting beyond the camp and the silly, even when the film has a good premise, and has a rather interesting start, which gets wasted.

And though, the film appears to want to go in another direction, after all her husband has left her, it avoids it, and makes for a film that does not allow us to see if there is a possibility to watch this affair start and continue.

Not a bad film, though, entertaining at times, with some juicy comments (so general, too) about American women. Cute in spots.



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