COUNTRY:             USA 1992
CAST:                      Sheryl Lee, Ray Wise, David Bowie, Chris Isaac, Jurgen Prochnow, Harry Dean Stanton, Kiefer Sutherland, Grace Zabriskie
SUPER FEATURES:     A bit better thought out than the originals.

Not being a Twin Peaks watcher, I ended up watching this film to see if there was anything which David Lynch was doing which was more interesting than the previous work he had done. I found the previous films not all that bad, but with an edge towards the obvious and the obsolete, like great big signs which read THIS IS A SYMBOL. Having been a great fan of the film makers who invented the symbols in film, not that symbols didn't exist before in the world of arts....right....the work of David Lynch, from WILD AT HEART, to the majority of TWIN PEAKS ( on the television material ) and now on the film screen is really nothing more than an idealistic point of view which has not found a good, and clear, method to dynamically express itself. It is indeed unusual that the latest work on the series is the prequel to the series, and as it turns out, it is also the best defined work of the series.

The series, had a lot of odd events that seemingly made no sense at all, of if they did, they were privy to one person, who is trying to disguise
it as artistic until he can figure out how to use it properly, and in such a way as it will be a smooth part of the whole, instead of an odd
character in the whole process. In FIRE WALKS WITH ME, the odd characters fit, and are in place, where they should be...even if the investigators are nothing but a bunch of oddballs themselves. The old man with a bad memory whose daughter is helping him (daughter ?) drink another beer or two ( could be coffee ) is now just another man whose memory has failed, another reminder that many of us do not wish to remember many things at times, specially when it is so close. He is not out of place, he's not only an old man, he is in his perfect element, a community which does not want to find out it has a lot of ugly stuff happening, or in the least, they want to make sure that they still get the benefits (girls) of the community, which the police department does.

Laura Palmer's story is now a bit clearer, and the film takes the road she took, by being hypnotic every time she is on, until the end, when
she is dead, but is still seeing what is happening. Part of this state is induced by the drugs, cocaine is suggested, though heroin is also present (never shown, but suggested in the white horse -- a common symbol and name for heroin) and they do affect the results. Laura's father knows of her drug habit, and probably encourages it, since it allows him the freedom to rape her since she was twelve years old. And he might even be in on the deals, being that the good boy that loves Laura happens to be clean, and not a part of the system, meaning that this boy is a threat to his desire to keep his daughter. Later on, in the series, this boyfriend refuses to add anything which irritates the investigators and the story telling, but it certainly clears things up.

All in all, FIRE WALKS WITH ME, is a good film, despite its inevitably violent ending, and does clear up a few things, the least pressing of
which is that there is no need to continue the story. It's been wrapped into a neat story of a murder that has not been resolved... much to the
chagrin of the investigator, who knows everything about it before it happens, but can not clear up the details later. His perception is correct, but someone keeps adding different clues to throw him off the course. His perception is not that good, then.

CERTAINLY NOT A FILM FOR SERIOUS ANTI DRUG WATCHERS, as it tends to romanticize the effect of drugs on people. However, it does not blame the death on the drugs at all, but on the external situation which Laura is running away from.





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