USA 1992
CAST: Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis
ONE WORD: Fun Piece of Schlockkkkkkk for any evening, as most Robert Zemeckis films are.

You would think Noel Coward was long gone and dead. But somehow, the memory of the irreverent one still lives making fun of people's vain ideas, this time in a production which is somewhat of a reversal of the WITCHES OF EASTWICK, where the man becomes a devil of sorts, and here he is a wimp. While it has funny moments, it still comes off like a second rate Noel Coward, with Beverly Hills jokes running rampant for those unsuspecting viewers.

Were it not for a gag on a coroner, who looks remarkably like the late Coroner of the Stars (no politics here!), and a few other unexpected bits of weirdness, this film would be considered a simple money maker for the three actors involved. But give the film some credit. The effects are grand, and stand out as the real stars.

Aside from that, this film is ...... It's for a fun party, after a drink or two. But don't go see it for anything else. You will enjoy the gags and the effects and how they add a little to the acting, unfortunately ... there isn't much acting around at all ... everyone is just having a night out with a drink at hand and you are going to pay them for it ... that's Hollywood for you!



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