CAST: Sigourney Weaver, Charles S. Dutton, Charles Dame, Paul McGann, Brian Glover, Ralph Brown, Danny Webb
ONE WORD: The sets designs

This series has come a long way. From Ridley Scott's original, to the third and final film in the series, it has been a brutal exercise in fighting a beast that refuses to die and finds ways to stay alive. Finally, in this film it is found to be a manipulative beast, that is set free to destroy anything in its path in order to create new conquests for a blood thirsty group. And the main character in this process is the final link to its new place. While in hyperspace sleep, the four people are invaded by the beast, three of them are killed and the woman is 'impregnated' by the beast in order to assure its survival. The satellite is set free from the mother ship and lands on a place that is being used as a galactic prison of sorts, and in this prison there are no women, which is a terrible threat to the organization and order of the programs in place. And no sooner does the satellite spaceship lands that the beast begins doing its thing, until the woman discovers she has been taken over. The only way out is to kill the beast, and then make sure she dies ....before the rescue team appears to try and save the new specimen. The crew arrives, but their ability to succeed is over when she allows herself to fall into the cauldron of death as the new sibling beast is born and screams.

While I am not a great fan of this series, a bit too brutal for me, the great brutality in this film is transferred this time to the dialogue between the characters, and their plight for survival, which is at a feverish pitch and without much hope. The film spends a bit more time on the actions necessary for survival of this imprisoned group, than it does on the brutality of the beasts attacks, which to me is a relief. Almost all of the shots are more suggestive than they are actually visible.

Perhaps the one thing which is missing here, since the first film, are the sets designed by artist H. R. Giger whose work was of primary importance to the mood and style of the original film. Since then, they have taken on a clinical look that is not pleasant, or at least not appealing to the eye. But the beast's design is very much in the tradition of the artists work, and for once it is more detailed than before. It also has a bit of a personality here that it did not before. The beast seems to know it is doomed, and is fighting for its own survival despite the many drawbacks, and chances.

The acting in this film is strong, and well carried out through out as a sense of urgency, with each character having much say in their own work. As such this film is better than the previous ones.

Well made film, partially produced by its main star Sigourney Weaver, who is excellent.



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