DVD released 2007//Concert was done 11th June 2005 in London
With Edgar Froese, Linda Spa, Zlatco Perica, Iris Camaa, Thorsten Quaeschning, Jerome Froese

Featured parts and pieces from Various albums
Ricochet Pt. 1 Intro
Phaedra '05
Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares
Rubycon Pt. 1
Force Majeure
Desert Dream
Underwater Twilight
Warsaw In The Sun
Midnight In Tula
Silver Scale
Song Of The Whale Pt. 2/Pt. 3
Oriental Haze
Towards The Evening Star
Back Street Hero (Zlatco on Guitar)
Rising Haul In Silence (Zlatco on Guitar)
Lamb With Radar Eyes )Zlatco on Guitar)
Meta Morph Magic
Talking To Maddox (Edgar on Guitar)
Purple Haze
Edgar's Closing Words

Tangerine Dream, for 44 years, with a great thanks to Guy Guden, has been one of the guiding lights in my own
experience. The output will rival any writer, painter, poet, musician out there, and the experiential value of the
music itself, is as good or better than anything out there.

Were it not for the fact that today's music is so commercialized, a lot of this work might get a lot more attention,
and in fact one review trashed this as muzak, just like in the old days, someone had the incredible idea of calling
this "washing machine" music, which of course, tells you how much listening that person had been doing in his own

This concert was a sort of tribute to its historical album "Phaedra", which I believe is still its greatest selling
album of all time, and still features, some of the prettiest things ever done with a synthesizer, with the exception,
again, that some folks want to hear music with a beat, in the song format, and that is not quite what Tanderine Dream
was in those earlier days, which was understandable, considering the much "freer" state of music in those days,
specially with America's FM radio allowing for longer pieces to be played, and they were. Today, this won't get
played, because it isn't classical rock, or a top ten listing in the contemporary or teenage sex diaries!

Considering, above all that word'age that in those days, the synthesizers were bigger and heaviwer than you and I
together, and each member had several of these piled up, what you might not know was that in those days it was
impossible to repeat what you just did if it was not recorded, and Tangerine Dream bootlegs became as important as
Grateful Dead's ... they were all different, and no two pieces ever were the same. Today, of course, is another story,
to the point where you can go to the other extreme, and not only be exact, you can be down right boring and let the
music die!

The concert here, starts with the period around 1972, even though the album Ricochet was released after that, if I am
not mistaken. And if the concerts did not sound "perfect" with their material, today, they do ... and pretty much
everything that you hear in this concert is almost a complete duplicate of the album ... and in one way, it was nice
... you recognized it, and you wanted to live that experience again, and that was the magic of their early work. Close
your eyes and go with it.

There is a very large difference, in that hearing the early works, opposite the later material, you can see the
difference. Then it was about each and every sound, and its quality and the development of that sound and quality.
Later, it became a nice, melodi piece of music, as these sounds are now imbedded in the piece, and you hardly even
notice them. It sounds pretty. You do not think of winds, or orchestra and the like, which is very good, but the end
result is more concept and idea oriented, whereas in the early days, the ideas were more open and experimental, and it
would end up different because one could never find, again, the replay of that previous second ... too many knobs,
wires and notes, and everything else.

But, I do not think that the excitement was not there. You might even think, that it is strange to hear a saxophone,
or an electric guitar as a major force in the flow of the music, but I never felt that it was not a valid influence or
an invalid part of the composition, despite so many people absolutely hating some of those mixes, and the 220 Volt
Live CD, is a great example of a fabulous concert ... and you can get the similar feeling with some of those pieces
also in here with the same saxophone and the same guitar.

All in all, this is a fabulous concert, although too many folks get upset that there is no "action" or "excitement" in
the music and the staging ... and in some ways, I would have done the visuals differently but you can see the DAW's
working and the members updating things continually to make it all work. Like any serious musician, this requires some
mad concentration, and TD has been at the forefront of the best for 45 years, and deserves the recognition.

Excellent concert all around. Tangerine Dream during its very special time and place.





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