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The Amon Duul 2 that most of us remember is a very special band. And it has been, if there ever is written a fair review of the many rock bands that have come and gone, one of the most creative, and unusual of all rock bands. Its legacy is one of the most impressive of all bands. Many made more money. Many made music. But none have gone as far out, and off the wall, as this one has.

But, the band, although it has had a very faithful underground, has never been able to break into a more mainstream location in the music market. Perhaps, in this age of all the metronomic music, and cheap creativity, one can still look back into this band, and find, that, despite their many internal problems, one thing was still going to survive. Few bands could re-unite and come up with something that was not only a reasonable extension of their work, but also an improvement.

If there is one thing missing in NADA MOONSHINE #, it is that most of us were reared with DANCE OF THE LEMMINGS, YETI, WOLF CITY, and to some extend HIJACK and MADE IN GERMANY (and this is not even one third of the bands' total output), although it may be its best. Nada Moonshine # is a nice come back album, although some of us have noticed that at one time, the musicians involved allowed many of their instruments to do some of the talking, and now, the emphasis is placed on how neat, and concise, a song, or idea, can be demonstrated. At any rate, the wildness that was once a cry for a psychedelic vision of a world mired in a perceptual confusion, has given way, to a slightly angry side, perhaps one that is a bit sore that fame, or a reasonable success has not been achieved with their music. It is sad indeed, for this band does deserve better. If there the definition of progressive music is ever clarified, bands like this one deserve to be at the forefront of the list. Most stay with the same "sound"... Amon Duul 2 develops new sounds. And isn't this the real definition of the creative forces in music history.?

But for all the attention that this band may lack, one thing is for sure. They can still punch a mean kick in the mind's vision. And if it does nothing else, it will get you thinking about what the heck they are singing about, which was always one of the things that got a lot of people attracted to this band.

Starting with "Castaneda-Da-Dream", the song pretty much defines what this album is going to be about. This band is going to do its thing, and it will say things in its own way. And it is going to create much "divine slime" for many of us. But this is not slime, as much as it is a solid attack on the new age powder puffs, that are invading Europe the same way that many infected Haight-Ashbury after the Scott MacKenzie song. And this band just doesn't quit on the inspiration that was corrupted.

Probably what has helped this band come back together again, for the umpteenth time, it seems, is that the original bassist and writer, Lothar Meid has joined up for this incarnation, and his talent, may not be singing, but his theatrical presentation of many of his songs, kind of stands out. At one time, when he first did his solo album ( 18 Karat Gold ), his material was beginning to sound a bit on the pop'ish side, with an edge. The only thing that is missing today, is the humor he had displayed then, things like "If Only My Guru would Know". His ever presence in this album adds a dimension that is similar in many ways to HIJACK, the album that this one might resemble the most. The songs are unusual, and attractive in their own way. And they will never get to a top ten, but they sure come across as powerful, clear, and definitely clarifying that this band may never be done.

One thing, stands out in this album, much more than before. The singing, from Renate, to Lothar, to Chris, has never been so polished and well done, even though, by radio standards, this is not a bunch of hit songs..... it's just a great bunch of really special music. Not the trippy variety of the old days, but still the type of stuff  that leaves you wondering what all this fuss is about.

Outstanding in this whole CD, are the songs "Lilac Lilies", "Ca VA", and "Kiss Ma Eee", all showing that this band is not about to repeat the same theme and ideas in their songs. Nothing is ever the same. And this band has written the book on that subject, not only with their music, but also their lyrics. Quite an achievement, in this day, when most bands sound the same time and time again.





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