by Roxana Shirazi


It's always fun to read different books. Some have this or that, and some have these or those ... and some ... well ... have a lot more than just a few words ... you get the feeling that you were there, and even though you might not want to be there, but you end up with a pretty good idea of what the whole thing is about.

By comparison, a previous book I read on the groupie thing, was nice and well written and all that, but in the end, I kinda thought that it had too much bleach and make up in it, and it did not smell right. You know what I mean, and now we have to add some of those flowery smelling things to make the laundry come out "cleaner" ... wait a minute ... cleaner?

Roxana Shirazi's book THE LAST LIVING SLUT, is not something that most folks will likely enjoy reading I do not think and probably because there are sections that you could specify as pornography, complete with a few names here and there, and while this might not be everyone's cup of tea, honestly, it is something that is obviously out there, and is not particular to music, and its star, any more or less than it is with the movie business, and most arts related business. And there are some, that get past the main entrance, for whatever reason, and some that do not.

We always think of those who do not make it through, as losers, though, and this is sad, when you read some of these things, and makes you wonder about the current "metoo" thing and some of its abuses, more than likely.

I would not want to judge, as I'm sure that there are many that will gladly trade something for a chance at the big time, and I have met a few in my time, but this is not a spot, or a place, for anyone without a strong inner composition that understands what they are doing through and through, or you will end up in the drug fields, or the "whatevah" fields, and never get anywhere, and always end up feeling inferior and not worthy of what your dream is.

And the book gets right in your face, and it lets you know what is going on, and how it is happening. If ever, you had any real idea, of some of the games and folks involved, this book ought to allow you to get past the fantasy stage of things and into an area that is quite frightening, although, at the very least, by the time this takes place, the story already includes condoms, and the scene does not appear to be as disease laden as the previous period of time that some of the books that were written first came out. It also gives you a very good idea of what a lot of the music "scenes" were all about, which sometimes can be stated as "nothing".

The story is simple enough and straight forward. From her growing up in Iran, during the time of the changes from the Shah to the next system, and how things went. Her view of Iran, despite the political changes, is very lively and flowery, and comes off extremely romantic and child like, which of course is when she remembers things, before she left at 10 years old. But, while various places in Iran had this and that, it never was shown as the "dump" that many spots in London are, and with as flowery a flair for discussion as the best Jean Genet and many others. If you don't get it, and can't see it, you are not looking, or seeing it! That simple.

Eventually, her life takes a turn and she ends up getting involved with various members of rock bands, and becomes one with them, in many ways. And she has no problem letting us know how she feels about them, and how they look, even if fake and plastic, which she finds way too many like that in LA, when she visits them. Someone forgot to tell her that this is Tinsel Town, and that people are trying to live the dream, and if you don't dress the part, you can't be living the dream!

She goes through various stages and tour buses, and a lot of them have to do with secondary bands, specially those that came around GUNS 'N' ROSES, from which came a whole bunch of other groups, not to mention copies. London is not really that different, but while many of these bands have their "faves" and wear it on their clothes, in general, they are not the real thing, and are just fans. And Roxana, makes a point of getting past that point, and into the bands themselves, specially in England, since her time in LA and the US/Canada with one band or two, was always the hardest time for her, as she ended up getting attached to someone, or simply did not have a good time. Or perhaps, her idea of a trip to Shangri-La, was with someone, that could not get attached to anyone anymore, anyway!

As the book, moves along, a very well written one, btw, it becomes clear that Roxana's state of mind is probably going to explode ... if someone can screw the women with that kind of abandon, then let's see how they can handle a real woman that can turn the tables ... and the book closes with a couple of those examples, that will likely leave a few people ... oh wow ... that's just like a porno ... there is no imagery left! Any doubts?

Again, comparing it to the previous literature on the lives of some "groupies", this book is straight. It is not full of makeup and fake clothing (well, Roxana does seem to know her wardrobe and fashion fairly well!), to entice over grown boys living a dream of getting as many girls as they want ... while the girls are given bad names for their own version of it. Kinda disgusting to see that double standard and when the guys come off as total idiots and jerks, you get the idea that the only folks that believe in this "slut" thing, are the ones abusing the whole thing, anyway.

A very good book, and if anything, a really good look at a lot of music in a side that is obviously setup by record companies ... most bands woud not even be able to afford a motel, let alone a hotel, let alone a tour bus, in order to get their music across to you somewhere in the middle of the Artic Sea. AND, if you are only on a car, or SUV, you know that no one will give a damn about who you are, right?

The book, is as straight and real, as you can probably not imagine. And it is, more than likely, what makes it better than almost all the other books out there. I always thought that too many of these were sanitized and cleaned up, because there likely was a lot more bad stuff than can get reported or heard about, but how can anyone be surprised by the tomato press when something comes around that this star is angry (complete with a bad hair day picture!), and that one star was out with someone else, and they are "married". I guess we never heard of threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes in this day and age, right?

Very nice reading, and you at least get a very nice idea of the difference between LA and London when it comes to the music and its appeal. You get the feeling that in London, at the very least, the bands are into the music, a lot more than they are into anything else, whereas the counter part just about has no music whatsoever, is the idea that comes to mind.

Worth while reading, if you have the patience, and do not mind reading a comment or two, or even, some things that might turn you off now and then. To me, it's all a part of the "play", and it should not be judged. Sometimes, things are what they are, and after all, far worse things happen with guns and bombs, that is not a fantasy, or a story for us all to read!




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