Live Concert Footage from a tour in 1979 with an orchestra and musicians.
With: Mike Oldfield, Pekka Pohjola, Pierre Moerlin, Benoit Moerlin, David Bedford, Maddy Prior, Nico Ramsden

Incantations Pts 1 and 2
Incantations Pts 3 and 4
Tubular Bells Pt 1
Tubular Bells Pt 2

It will be a cold day in hell that any of us will ever be able to see a concert with Mike Oldfield and any kind of a band. Of course, we all would want to see this with a complete Orchestra and some serious musicians, but we all know how much this costs, and the music business is only known to gift their stars when they are 93 years old and almost dead, for all the millions the record company made.

The bad, or funny, or not so funny side of all this, was that originally, some of these shows were recorded and it had not been decided to make a record of it, but it soon came to be that it would be a record, and that the moneys had to be spread around. Well, let me tell you, that if you did not buy this, you are not the type of person that will appreciate some great music and some great concerts and individual performances. If a concert like this is not worth your nickel, then let all this music die, and take us all with it, because this is one experience that is once in a lifetime, and difficult to find ever again.

Mike's music can probably be done with a good sampler and synthesizer, but there are too many moments of individual craftsmanship in most pieces that make it very difficult for one person to do on a stage ... and seeing it done here, is a testament to people that believe in the music, and originally wanted to be a part of it, knowing they would not get paid, because Mr. Balloons was busy spending his steals! Some times, the best things in life are the free ones ... and no money can make you feel better ... but when you hear the recording ... you know ... I was there, and it was worth it. I'm here ... on this piece of plastic!

The album is about two pieces, Incantations and Tubular Bells. Both in their entirety and with no dents or trims. And in "Incantations" you get Maddy Prior (Steeleye Span) and in Tubular Bells, you get the mastery of the Moerlin brothers and then some serious bass work by Pekka Pohjola. And in the end, it's hard to say, or suggest that they are the best things in it, because they aren't ... the whole of the concert is, because the strings, the choirs and every thing else ... comes off so nicely that it is hard to think that one part is better than the others. That is was done and survived, and can be shown on DVD, is enough for me.

It is a masterful concert and extremely enjoyable.





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