1. Intro
2. One in the Rhythms of Hope
3. A For Aria
4. Owner of a Lonely Heart
5. Listening With Me
6. Time and A Word
7. Infinite Mirage
8. Soul Eternal
9. Wondrous Stories
10. Renaissance of the Sun
11. Roundabout

I first heard YES during the song that came out from "The Yes Album", that helped make them famous, via the song "I've Seen All Good People", which became a big song on the early FM days. I loved the album and immediately went out and got their previous album "Time and a Word". After all these came ... yeah ... you know the rest.

So, between 1972 and 2016, we have what .... 44 years. What can I say ... I have always enjoyed and appreciated a lot of music that Jon helped put together and I am one of the few folks that stood up for "Tales of Topographic Oceans" when most folks were trashing it, and the only thing they could appreciate were the hit songs. Later, I loved dearly "Olias of Sunhillow" and I always thought it was a grand grand album ... and today, I finally got to see this DVD, and ... yeah ... Jon's voice is still there, in one piece, a little different than the old days, but he adjust nicely.

The fist time I heard the rumor that Jean-Luc Ponty would be with Jon, I immediately wrote that I thought this would be grand, since for once, Jon would be working with a musician that knew a lot more than just a few rock songs and beats, I thought ... nahhh ... it's a rumor, and all I can hope for is that this happens. It did. The results? From my perspective, and I am looking at it from a DVD on a computer, yeah ... it is excellent.

I suppose that it is easy for me to say, that this makes better sense as an extension of YES, than what they went on to do, which was to rehash the same old song, and make hand gestures by wanna be singers, to imply that these lyrics were important ... well, in the wrong mouth, with the wrong person, they are indifferent, but in Jon's voice? ... you and I won't sit back here and think that "Time and a Word" is senseless and out dated ... it stood up beautifully and then some! It makes you want to hear more!

Jean-Luc Ponty, and previous members of his band, added enough to make this grand, and stand out. There was nowhere to be found more of one or less of the other, and everyone contributed really nice to all the works on hand, the originals and then the 3 hits that were re-worked for this set of performances.

It was nice to see Jean-Luc, get some billing and credit for his work, even if we think that some of it is improvised, which I am not sure it is. You can see them working their music sheets in detail, and folks like Jean-Luc are musically educated enough that they can look at their scores and play things as they see them.

The whole DVD has a "home" feel to it, with Jon giving his thank you to the home folks that helped put it all together, but in the end, it is us that will sit back, and say thank you for the lovely time and evening.




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