CAST: Victoria Abril, Antonio Landeras, Lules Leda
SUPER FEATURES: Another Almodovar Story.

This film is typical Spanish, either sordidness, or black humour. Either way it comes off with a strange, surrealistic attitude, one would never expect to find in a Hollywood production, which would have made sure the
woman got her revenge.... but lo and behold, here she actually falls in love with him.

Which is to say (lightly) that chauvinistically speaking, the man still dominates.... in this film, literally.

The story has to do with an ex-porno star who has gone legit, and is kidnapped by a guy just out of reform school, who fell in love with her. How he fell in love was easy. He had a knack for evenings out, and one day picked up this woman in a bar, and they made the mistake of falling into a bed. The guy decided to 'reform' since, so he could come and claim his prize. And to do so, he has to kidnap her and tie her up, until she stops fighting, and no longer resists his company, which she actually doesn't, since he gets everything she needs and then some... somewhere in the middle, during their first lovemaking session, she first recognizes him through his love making, and she does a
turn around. From that point on he is more lackadaisical about tying her up, and eventually allows her to escape, with her sister, at whose house they are hiding anyway... (funny, she never comes home...). And in the end, she escapes with the sister, and since they knew where he was going, to visit the place where he was born, and orphaned,
and sit there until he decides what to do next. No woman, he failed, maybe he should consider the same fate as his parents.... ooopppps, the girls show up... happy ending of story.

Well, not being into tying up people to convince them that I am right, or wrong, is not my style, but in this case the guy manages to get his point across, even by being charming, and not taking advantage of her while she is tyed up.

While still an Almodovar film, in that Victoria Abril gets a chance to prance around naked, the film does have its share of war of the sexes mentality. The film director is on a wheel chair, and disabled, but is hornier than ever, not because of his wife, but because he sits and admires the earlier porno stuff by the ex-porn star girl he has
hired to play a part in his movie. And the director's wife, has already become defeated by the whole thing and accepts it, although not too happily. And of course, the ex-porn star, is still hooked on drugs, which does not help her deal with situations very well at times. In many ways, the tieng up is the best detoxication she can get, not only to drugs, but to sex, until it is all channeled into the right area.

Although the film still deals with the over exhuberant Spanish male ego, it still allows the women to be themselves, and reasonably free until the male asserts his ability, of course.... this film might do well in Europe (it did) where people can laugh about such things and continue on at night after their bottle of wine. Here in the USA, this film has a certain knack for offending not only women, but also men.... while he ties her up, he is more miserable than she is. And he is basically incapable of making love to her, while she feels in captivity, which at least shows some respect.







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