Spain 2002

Directed by Pedro Almodovar


If I had a choice between the kind of material I like from Pedro Almodovar, I would say that the weird stuff that borders on funny and surreal is preferred, to the more serious, and often very sad, material that he has come up with.

"TALK TO HER" is a very nice film, but sadly, there is no poetic justice and the poor guy, while doing something that is not right, in the end, did the right thing that the girl come alive. If only we knew of the possible results rather than use the social standards to judge everyone ... and sometimes we might get surprised.

The odd thing is that two men find themselves in the same hospital taking care of two women that are both in a coma. The strange side of it, and it appears that the film suggests this is the real issue, is that in both cases, the men do not listen to the women, or worry about their responses, because they are, in essence, as is the case in one of them, totally mute, and there is no reaction to work with. The other relationship had bad moments written all over it, and we see many of them.

Eventually, the nurse, decides that the woman he cares for every night, likes him, and he loves her, and commits what is known as rape on the inert body, with the eventual concern, that this person is all of a sudden pregnant, and the hospital staff is going nuts concerned about it.

The hard part, the nurse kills himself, when realizing the huge concern and problem that he created. The weird part is that the mother and the child survived. So you end up thinking this might be about the way men and women talk and don't talk, and then it is about ... what you going to say about this result? Magic? Miracle? Insanity? You can't help feel sorry for Benigno, even though he did something he should not have done. However, his doing, resolved the situation in a way, that no hospital, or medicine, was ever capable of conceiving.

All in all, the acting on all the major parts in this film are excellent and stand out, even though one would consider the whole thing totally off kilter and insane, which makes the whole thing even stronger, and harder for us to decide what to think of the film. Like many of his films, this one also leaves you slightly disoriented, not knowing what to think, or how to react.

It made me wonder, how the mother is taking all this when she finds out how the child was conceived, or, if there were other stories that the hospital invented, in order to prevent other major issues ... where this film can take you, is crazy ... and in the end, Marco (the man on the other relationship) watches the little girl and the mother, at the same dancing school ... and the film comes to a close. Nice to watch, but weird and scary at the same time!


MUSIC:                             Alberto Iglesias
CINEMATOGRAPHY:     Javier Aguirresarobe
WITH:                                Javier Camara, Dario Grandinetti, Leonor Watling, Rosario Flores
SUPER POINT:                 The Story is very different and unusual.





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