CAST: Jesper Salen, Stellan Skarsgard, Basia Frydman, Niclas Olund, Ernst-Hugo Jaregard, Ernst Gunther
WRITTEN BY: Roland Schtt's novel
SUPER FEATURES: Kids DO have a sense of humor.

Aside from the ending, I mean, this is a no ending to a nice story, this is a fun film to stay with, if you have the patience to stay with it. The film is not done in Hollywood fashion, with exciting moments, and fast cutting, but it does have what most Hollywood does not make use of very much anymore. Cleverness in the writing and the production. The kids rule, specially one, in this production, and he has more of a talent, than a MacCaulley Caulkin.

THE SLINGSHOT, is a film that was one of the darlings of the film festival circuit two years ago. And it is easy to see why this was so. Nothing fancy. Just straight forward. Nothing that stands out as great film making, except the story and the main character.

Being an outsider, the son of a hybrid mixture that brings Russian Jews into Sweden, doesn't make things easy for this child. He sees things differently, and has an innocence about him that is not always seen. His parents, supplement their income by playing a bit of the capitalist game by black marketing condoms, at a time when these things were not exactly accepted in society (during world war II and just after), and when the socialist believers, were using them as a way to prevent the rapid over growth of population that was taking place.

Politics in Sweden, are a game that is played between the monarchy and the aristocracy, and the working class has little chance at any ideas, let alone opinions.

The child gets himself into trouble with his friends, and gets swindled out of some money he doesn't have. He does have an artistic talent, and he paints a few old bicycles. And then he finds his real talent. He designs a slingshot, using a condom rather than a piece of tire rubber, or rubber band. And he does very well with it, and becomes one of the popular boys. Except that at his school, both his teacher and school principal do not care for him. The teacher hates foreigners and socialists, and the principal hates anything out of order. And he is punished several times.

Until one day, he finds the right medicine. He has succeeded in being sent to a reform school, which seems to be a better way out of the terrible school he is going to. Lice. And he makes sure he gets his revenge, before he leaves.

An entertaining film, with a few sad moments to keep us straight, it plods along, and makes us think of those good old days as a kid when nothing mattered except the idea we just had. In this case, it could be an embarrassing situation to adults, but good fun for the kids.

Excellent work by the children (what is it about children in this country that always look good on film???????), and the total direction of the film... with one exception. How can this whole thing end? Childhood often doesn't.





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