DIRECTOR:                     SONKE WORTMANN
COUNTRY:                     GERMANY 1994
MUSIC:                           TORSTEN BREUER
CAST:                              Til Schweiger, Katja Rjemann, Joachim Krol, Armin Rhode, Antonia Lang,
SUPER FEATURES:        The film has its moments. Gay subject.

Like French films, German films have no qualms discussing anyone's sexual preferences. MAYBE, MAYBE NOT, fits into the category that has the toughest time getting into the market. Gay films. But as much as there is enough  gaiety to keep many interested, this film is really less about the gay subject, than it is about how many people make friendships and how some of these may turn out to be homosexual.

And in between, this film is a comedy of errors, where no one can get their things right, and they are all over the place. And the gags, are funny, and add a lightness to the film that otherwise might be considered heavy and boring.

It is a simple enough story. Boy and girl live together, and work in the same place. And one day he gets caught in the bathroom having sex with another woman, by the girlfriend. It breaks the relationship. And he has no place to go to, and eventually winds his way to a friend's friend who is gay. And the fun starts. It seems that the whole group of friends are just all excited about this new one. But he has no interest in the at all and he sets off an array of jealous bits amidst the group at the place where he is staying.

And as time goes by, the girl is reconsidering her relationship. Axel is busy enough and is trying to figure out what he wants to do and get a place of his own. Norbert, who has provided him with living space, likes him and would like to do more than just be friends with Axel. Several weeks later, Axel returns to his old place to pick up a few more things, and ends up showing Norbert his photographs. And wouldn't you know it, here comes Doro and she finds Norbert almost naked in her bed, next to Axel.

And the whole thing explodes. It turns out that Doro is pregnant and they make a go of it. All seems well until one day Axel bumps into another old flame, and he tries to set up a date. As it happens, Doro has cancelled her weekend plans, and all of a sudden there is a problem with the communication.

Axel keeps his date, at Norbert's place, and that's when the fun starts. Doro decides to check it all out. And as she gets there, of course, her pregnancy is hitting the water stage, and Norbert has to take her to the hospital,  which creates a problem... but Norbert and Doro seem to get along ok along the way. And as it turns out, Norbert is the one that gets forced into  helping with the birth of the baby, not exactly what excites him.

Norbert's friend, who also had a crush on Axel ends up taking him to the hospital, and by that time it is too late. Doro has already decided to
throw him out. She thinks that he is having a gay affair. As it turns out the date he had brought along some excitement and used it on herself and him. And when the movie that the boys went to to make room for Axel and his date, goes awry, they all return to Norbert's. And Norbert's living in friend, goes to the bathroom where the date is in the bathtub. And they get it on.... comedy city.

The film ends on a note that does not state, or suggest that Norbert and Axel will become a pair, but if this doesn't happen, they at least have
become very good friends.

While the film is not great by any means, there are moments that are funny and weird and keep you going from minute to minute. It is a total comedy of errors, where nothing seems to work right, even if the end suggests that here is the right'est thing that has happened in the whole story.

Funny acting all along, although most of the gay men are played for laughs and have a tendency to over act. it does not take away from the fun that one can have with this film, even if the subject matter can make many of us uncomfortable, including this reviewer... but it has funny moments.

Check it out, but be careful with your jealous mate.... <grin>





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