DIRECTOR:                     DENNIS ARCAND
COUNTRY:                     CANADA 1995
MUSIC:                           JOHN MCCARTHY
CAST:                             Thomas Gibson, Ruth Marshall, Cameron Bancroft, Mia Kirschner, Joanne Vamicola, Matthew Ferguson

One wonders if this film wants to become good, with its very interesting story, or if it just wants to play the style that another Canadian has developed, which is sort of a non-action film maker, named Egoyan.

Love & Human Remains, starts out as a story that appears to be making an effort to resolve what it is that it is achieving in the process. just like its protagonists, who are afraid to make any kind of commitments in a relationship, the film, just as the  story gets better, begins to turn into a sour grapes affair that becomes distorted and demented.

But in between there are some rather interesting intrigues. One can not, at first, figure out where this film is going. Which is exactly what the protagonists are going through. One is openly gay, or at least bisexual, and the girl he shares the apartment with, is having some doubts and inquiries about the possibility of having an affair with another woman. Since she has no idea of what she wants, she finally gives in to another woman, who happens to fall in love with her. Unfortunately for this new woman, she is just another victim of a person on the move, or on the way to going on her path. Her roommate, in the mean time, had been a well known actor, who has quit the acting business to become a waiter, and just live his own life, which appears to center around picking up anyone that attracts his fancy. He has a few boyfriends, and on occasion has a girl ready to satisfy his needs.

Eventually the film gets into a situation where no ending is satisfactory, and has to come with a solution where the ones that are left, the main two that can never commit to anything all through out, are the ones left standing, along with a young man that did not quit, or give up.

Compared to another of Arcand's films, "Jesus of Montrea"l, this one comes off as a film that does not have a direction at all. Unless it is trying to come off as a hip cinema verite type of thing.

The performances are interesting, and actually are quite believable, and sharp. There are not very many moments in the film that one feels cheated by what's happening, but like Mike Leigh's NAKED, one has little idea of what is happening and where is this all going to end up.

But it isn't a bad film, despite it's amazing cast of characters that require a thoughtful acting work, if not  detailed and well defined, specially the young ladies.

Good film. Good music, well used.





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