DIRECTOR:    Bigas Luna
MUSIC: Nicola Piovani
CAST: Stephania Sandrelli (Silvia), Anna Gallena (Conchita), Juan Diego ( Jose Luis ), Penelope Cruz ( Carmen ) Javier Bardem ( Raul ), Jordi Molia ( Manuel )
ONE WORD:    Either I didn't get it or this is a Mexican soap opera???

This is actually a nice film to watch, were it not the soap opera ending and climax. I mean, a film is usually a showcase for one thing, one affair, one situation that went above and beyond the general needs. Well, this one, decides to take the whole thing way and above what is necessary. The only question this reviewer has is, have soap operas gotten this good.??? At least this film is more fun to watch than most afternoon teases, that always leave you hanging in the air.

This film makes sure that you are spent and finished, when it is. And perhaps, this is the point.

It is the story of the growing up of the young Conchita, who is thrown into age, enamored by a film star, living a bit of a fantasy. Well, her mother, is also trying her best to live up to
the star billing, as something else. Being good looking in their environment means that a woman is the slave to the desires of the many males that wish to do as they desire.

Silvia is involved with a man who says that he is going to marry her. He is a rich type that spares no expense to get what he wants, and women that have far less than he are willing candidates every night, and he knows it. Silvia is taken on, as is Conchita ( we find later ). In the meantime, Conchita has fallen in love with someone else, who happens to be a man that is also being  used as lover and decoy for various reasons. He has fallen for Conchita, but can not stop the fact that he was before that taken by Silvia.

And the politics of the film keep you wondering where the whole thing is going to end up. Well, fear not ladies and gentlemen, a mexican soap opera is going to let you know what happened. The film's climax is as brutal and anti climatic as it could be. It not only destroys the ideals of one person, but all of them. The question for the sequel is, what is left.???? By the looks of it, there is nothing left.

A sexy film, in that the sexuality, when it is on the screen, is quite alive and exciting. And photographed up close and in ways that add to the excitement. Both women are very pretty
and quite desireable. I wish I could say the same thing for this film. The gut wrenching ending kinda ruins it for me... why do all good things have to end in a rotten way.??? perhaps
it is the sign of a sick society, and this may be the point in the film.





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