CAST: Graham Greene, Ron Lea, Michael Hogan, Rebecca Jenkins
MUSIC: Shane Harvey
ONE WORD: Tough Story.

This is not a very pleasant film, but in the process it shows that which has happened to the many Indians whose lands have been stolen in the name of progress, regardless of how the inhabitants of that land felt.

The end result is a bitter race, that has a lot of anger buried inside, and has not had the chance of doing something creative with it. Talk, talk, talk is what this film is about, and the talk is the thing which has betrayed many tribes for many years.....that of unkempt promises....not only in Canada, but also just recently in Oregon, where some Indian lands are due to get scalped even though the area has been a spiritual ground for thousands of years.

I don't find that what happens in this film is quite necessary, or justified in any way, but I can't really fault the attitude of the rebellious Indian played by Graham Greene, and the inevitable people who suffer because of it. Although, as I mentioned above, this is an unpleasant film in the outcome, it nevertheless expresses the plight of the Indian brother who is being raped every which way, and us, the race in power, can only find justification for their destruction, not their help. And as the twentieth century winds down our society still believes in raping the country side, rather than rebuild that which is aged and falling.....I wonder how we would feel if we ourselves were the minority being raped, and if we wouldn't ourselves fight for our very livelihood the same way.

There are a few films in the same vein, like WERNER HERZOG's WHERE THE GREEN ANTS DREAM, or even the various films about the AMAZON, which are hip right now. In all cases, there is no real dedication to the desire to keep these things in check, other than make a film which is sad, and does not help in the sense that it is changing the public opinion. Not enough people care about it. I hope that this changes soon, because our Indian ancestors are just as important to our own cultural development as any black, yellow, green or blue human.
It's tough to measure the qualities of the film, in the end you are so emotionally involved with the whole corruption thing that you end up wanting to get up and fight. I suppose that is a compliment in a way.

You should see this film if you can.




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