DIRECTOR:                     ANDRE MELANCON
COUNTRY:                     CANADA 1986
CAST:                              Makee Paiement, Raymond Legault, Harry Marciano, France Arbour, Andre Pelletier
SUPER FEATURES:        Really nice story.

This is more of a children's story and film than it is an adult film.

However, it is capable of coming through as a victory for all the children who are capable of teaching their superiors a little more about life than would otherwise be noticed, and as such, this film wins.

A child is left orphaned, and has been living with an aging grand mother who has to move to a rest home in order to get the care she needs. And for this to happen, the child has to move into the house of the granny's son, who is a musician, who is studying for a contest of Bach's work. When the child moves into the house of the son, he is an introvert, whose only refuge is the music he adores. His own life is a pathetic affair of shyness, and a lack of inability to tell people how he feels, the fact he loved the girl's mother but never had the guts to ask her to marry, or share space with her, being the most important of all.

The little girl has a pet skunk named Broccoli, who happens to create a little uproar in the house, until a room is found in the basement for him, and where she proceeds to start a zoo for all stray animals. During this whole time, the son is trying to find a home for the child, and finally succeeds. It happens at the same time when the competition is on, and she walks out just when it is obvious he is about to win it all. But his win will be an empty one as he happens to see the little girl walk out of the room.

Amidst all this, the little girl tries to set him up with a woman who has a liking for him, but isn't capable of cracking his shell. And when the little girl walks, so does the lady. The child checks out the sad, and pathetic, new home she has been chosen to go to. He discovers his mistake, and lack of care for anyone, and sets about putting it all in order. The film ends with the couple together, with an adopted child, and of course a skunk.

Wonderful story. Excellent acting, and the children are great, not to mention the skunk who manages to find itself in the oddest places. Fun film. Poignant at times.





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