MUSIC: Michael Dann
WRITTEN BY: Atom Egoyan
CAST: Gabrielle Rose (Mimi), Jennifer Dale (Arianne), Elias Koteas (Noah), Arsinee Khanjian (Hera), Maury Chaykin (Bobby), Patricia Collins (Lorraine), Gerard Parkes, David Hemblen, Don McKellan, Jacqueline Samuida, John Gilbert, Rose Sarkisyan
ONE WORD: Fun film to try and figure out... weird at times.

Some films are interesting and you really have no idea where they are going to take you. And then some films are exasperating, but interesting enough that you just have to stay and find out, what the heck is going on. The question, for this reviewer, is whether these things determine if the film is good, or not. In other words, does the process of unusualness justify what we end up with, or does it appear like a series of events that do not necessarily connect, but a clever director will find a way to add one line, that will create an illusion that things are connecting, or have connected.

THE ADJUSTER, is somewhat like that.... it isn't a terribly boring, or bad film, but it is unusual enough, with an array of odd people all over the place, that one comes to the end of it, and start wondering what this is all about... or as my friend next to me said... I'm going to get what is going on, yet...

Basically, this is a slight story of an insurance adjuster that does his job, and also reaps a few benefits on the side. The side benefits are all the single women he ends up meeting, or lonely wives. And apparently, towards the end, he gets adjusted himself. But at this point, the film turns into an unusual image of a hand, and comes off like a statement that this is a director's prerogative.... to create an illusion, and keep people guessing what they mean. The adjusting business for Noah, has not been the clue to this whole thing. The different vignettes have. Ad here is yet another.

It's hard to judge these performances, and what they really mean. The women are all excellent in this film, from the neurotic ones to the ones with the motherly feelings, to the ones with the somber feelings, to the ever hopeful loving women. They seem like a parade that barely affects the main character, even if he connects with them. I suppose that the ending is a hint that things are going to change.

Strange film, that has some sexy moments that are very weird, and at once a satirical comment on the insurance company that Noah seems to work for. They look for any hint that the whole thing is not good enough and that the policy owner's frame of mind is not correct, and that they do not deserve the settlement they are supposed to get... I think that's what this is about, but one never knows.... the other moments around this area are a bunch of sexual politics, that at first were apparent hints that these people were all a bunch of neurotic weirdoes.... ohhh, now they have a job, relating to what they are doing.

Worth seeing, if you can handle stuff that makes the film come off as artsy and unusual. Not a great film, but a bit on the fun side to watch. You can not figure out anything, because by the time you do, it has been thrown out the window. Crazy and fun stuff. Not quite a Fellini, Godard, or Bunuel, but certainly a nice effort.





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