CAST:                  Agnes Sorel, Serguei Dontsov, Victor Mikhailov
SUPER FEATURES: Cute comedy of ethnic barriers.

Window to Paris is one of those films that is fun to watch, if one is not expecting Robin Williams, or general

It is the story of a Russian family that discovers that their family has a window in their apartment, that somehow takes them directly into Paris, and away from the boring world that they are a part of.

And of course, this window explains many things like the disappearance of some previous family members that "left" and never returned. This window opens and closes at special moments only and the people that cross it have to take care that they can return in time, or they will be stuck in Paris.

The family members get used to the Paris connection and of course, everyone has an idea of what to do with it. One goes over to pick up as many things as he can get his hands on, so he can sell them in Russia, and make some money. Another has met a girl and wants a relationship, but the language barrier is causing them not to get along too well. Their exchanges, are constantly turned around, and causing even funnier moments.

And of course, eventually the French girl crosses the window and gets lost in Russia, and has a terrible time
returning. In the end, her new met lover decided not to come, in lieu of his family in Russia, but a whole class of school kids get stuck in Paris and get deported.

While this is not one of those films that stands out, it does have its great moments when it is really interesting to see how the director gets out of it. The dialogue is funny, and uses the lack of communication by even getting the subtitles all crossed up, I'm sure, something that adds to the film.

It reminds me of the early Woody Allen comedies that used one major gag, and worked on it the whole way through.
This film depends on the window to Paris being open for its liveliness, and when it closes, so does the film. But in between, there are some funny performances in this small time film that appears in the foreign section of your video store.... nothing great, but there are at least 50% other films in the new release sections that do not have the desire and the focus that this film does.





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